3 Minute Coconut Coffee | Recipe | ANN LE

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Good Morning Loves! If you are looking for a new way to drink your morning coffee, I have a great little tip that will help you infuse your coffee with a delicious accent of flavor! You will be surprised how a simple little addition to your coffee grinds can give your coffee an amazing taste. It’s delicious and all without using cream or sugar. Thanks to my friends at Starbucks for asking me how I like to make my morning coffee at home. Visit http://www.starbucks.com/athome for more great recipes.


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飛騨zip says:

Starts at 1:00 you're welcome.

twn5858 says:

They should make coffee illegal like they do other drugs. Then they should arrest people and perform raids on people who are in possession of any coffee paraphernalia. Only in the great usa! Land of the fee, home to the cowards.

Khadii Jaa says:

Omg i have the same mug as you

justpar2012 says:

Thanks for the links to coffee supplies. About how long does the electric hot water kettle take to boil?

Mr. Sovs says:

do you use coconut oil when you do anal?

Valerie Fleitas says:

I dont really like my coffee black

Bunny says:

Delicious recipe!!! thanks

Florentina Rosepetalin says:

This doesn't look as delicious as the Vietnamese coconut coffee or egg coffee we had while in Hanoi last year. Put them on your bucket list. By the way, Vietnamese egg coffee is known as Liquid Tiramisu.

Namaste Happiness says:

looks good, will give it a try

Jtru says:

I love my coffee with condense milk and some syrup mmm

Laura H says:

Can u list the makeup products that u use? Cuz I love it!

Lauren Currie says:

Love this omg

MyCupcakelandia says:

Yummy yummy love from Mexico <3

Michelle Lai says:

I take a Vietnamese style of making coffee! I like to add condensed milk and no need for sugar or milk.

lazuli rondoudou says:

My fav coffee has to be the Starbucks American coffee <3 dunno I just love the taste xD

SugarD3ar says:

i love starbucks coffee! I saw someone put honey in the coffee and tried it. Now I rarely ever use sugar in my coffee just a tad bit of honey to sweeten

Soo Jo says:

What a fun & creative way to try coffee! Thanks for the info, going to try it out 🙂

elisa r says:

I love how this is a three minute recipe, and the video is only 2:53 minutes. Just add those 7 seconds, Ann! Besides the point, I loved this! Thank you for choosing such a simple recipe, but with the creative tips and ideas that we expect from you.

HealthyGroceryGirl says:

Love the cute faces on the coffee mug!!

RuoMeng Liu says:

I really like the kettle! But it might takes more efforts to clean..since i am so lazy

Math 4us says:

OMG I'm Italian and you're so cute but please let me tell you, that coffee looks really disgusting!

clothedbylines says:

never tried coffee but this was fun to watch

jelena obretkovich says:

Nice vegan coffee recipe. I am #vegan so I don't need the coffee, but I might try it sometime!

Jungkutie pabo says:

Such an adorable cup ^ _ ^

SkyeBlue says:

I have to try this now!

Emily Brotherton says:

Does anyone else think she looks like the character Emily off the game until dawn?

Becky Reyes says:

when I saw this video I was like yas

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