Whipped Mocha | Dalgona Mocha Coffee Recipe | How to Make Frothy Café Mocha

Whipped Mocha | Dalgona Mocha Coffee Recipe | How to Make Frothy Café Mocha

Whipped Mocha! Have you ever tried Dalgona coffee? This coffee has been viral lately all over the internet. This whipped coffee mocha recipe is a version of the classic dalgona coffee, the only difference in this coffee is the cocoa power that gives to the coffee a nice chocolaty flavore. If you like café mocha from the coffee shop, you will love this easy recipe. This whipped mocha coffee has smooth and velvety texture and the taste is amazing!

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This recipe makes 2 medium servings
2 tablespoons Instant coffee
2 tablespoons Sugar
2 tablespoons Hot water
1 cocoa powder
1/2 cup (120ml) Milk of your choice, cold or hot
2-3 Ice cubes if you making cold coffee

1. In a large mixing bowl place coffee, sugar and hot water (1:1:1 ratio).
2. Using a hand mixer or electric mixer, whisk until thick and creamy. When its thick and creamy add cocoa powder and keep whisking until combined and thick, and creamy.
3. Fill only 3/4 of a cup with cold milk and add ice cubes.
4. Top with foamy whipped coffee, grate some dark chocolat. Mix well before drink. Enjoy!

• Do I have to use sugar? The sugar helps the coffee whip to a fluffy and stable texture that holds its shape for a while. You can reduce sugar amount, but I’m not sure it will be so fluffy. If you’re really sensitive to sugar, you can reduce it down, just know that your coffee won’t be as fluffy.
• What kind of milk to use: You can use cow’s milk, dairy free milk such as almond milk, oat milk or any other kind of milk that you prefer.
• Cold or hot milk? For this recipe you can use cold or hot milk, they both taste great. If you are using cold milk, add few ice cubes.
• Can I make Dalgona coffee without electric mixer? Yes, you can whip the coffee using a regular whisk, it may take a little bit more time, but it absolutely possible.

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