Dalgona Coffee – Dalgona Coffee Recipe – How to make Dalgona coffee

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Here’s presenting you a picture perfect coffee when you cannot go out to a cafe.
Recently, a video of how to make a three ingredient fluffy frothy whipped coffee is going viral on Instagram , trending on TikTok and other social sites.And it is named as “Dalgona Coffee”. Tastes good , looks amazing and I think its the best way to spend some time while you are in quarantine due to COVID-19.
The reason i loved this coffee is because you have all these 3 ingredients in your kitchen and you probably didn’t knew that you can create a “magic drink” out of it. All you need is an instant coffee, sugar and milk. It’s super easy ; mix equal amount of coffee , sugar and hot water , then use the whisk to whip the coffee until it turns into golden thick creamy foam. All you have to do is literally put the froth on top of the iced milk.

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