AeroPress Recipe | James Hoffmann Milk Coffee Recipe

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✨🎬 This episode we made an AeroPress iced latte using James Hoffmann’s milk coffee recipe. This will help scratch your itch for milk drinks at home.

If you want to know how to make a hot milk coffee, check out James’ original video He demonstrates a milk frothing technique using a French press.

🟦 Recipe Overview at 0:06

🟨 Prep:
– Preheat the AeroPress
– Push the plunger in halfway

🟩 Recipe full steps:
1. Add 18g of coffee to the AeroPress.
2. Add 90mL of 100°C water.
3. Stir well – be a little aggressive.
4. Add the lid, start your timer and wait 90 seconds.
5. Add 150mL milk to a glass with ice.
6. After 90 seconds, flip the AeroPress, give it a little swirl.
7. Press slowly and gently, all the way.
8. Mix the coffee and milk.

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