What is inside a coffee maker?

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In this video we explore what is inside a coffee maker, how it is made, and how it works.


DaCamponTwee says:

Can you please explain which device uses electricity to heat up the
aluminum horseshoe pipe? And how it does it?´╗┐

Redlam Areefi says:

I love screwing things xD

A Jay says:

There’s a one way valve in the tube, once the water boils & produces
steam/pressure it’s forced up the tube.

furulevi says:

so how is the water rising to the top?

JD Sweet says:

I need to figure out what happened to mine. My heater element went out.

Zoe ofHufflepuff says:

This seems like quite an- WHAT IS THAT A COFFEE MACHINE?

Abdella Mussa says:

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