Vintage OMRE Quick Mill Espresso Machine–Home Lever Killer?

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They say that the introduction of the pump espresso machine for the home was the cause of the decline in the market for home lever espresso machines. Ease of use, simplicity of design…..Here,…


drgarys says:

Very funny walk-through of one of the early, historic pump espresso
machines with the irony that later designs came to dominate the market over
lever espresso machines that are now becoming popular again.

Clean767 says:

D & B, Cool display of old QM gear, thanks. Although you always get extra
points for the vintage gear you have, I will have to question your
scientific methods in this experiment. yes, i’m poking fun at you, but i
dont know if the automatica was given a “fair shot”, so to speak, in terms
of the pulled shot and the “milk” frothing with water. Keep up the good
work with the Levers!!

Karl Schultheisz says:

It was the era of convenience at any cost! I get the feeling that this kind
of designing is still going on.

poppiesrule says:

Someone’s in a good mood!

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