Vintage Coffee maker

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Showing my 1950’s Vintage Sunbeam coffee maker.


Jesse Byerly says:

This was a great video! I usually stray away from watching films longer
than 5 minutes, but this was nice. Thank you for all of your in depth
description and history of it. I just got an old sunbeam percolator from my
grandma, and have been trying to figure out how to use it. This was super
helpful :)´╗┐

MiamiCOIndiana says:

I also have an old stove top percolator, makes great coffee you just have
to make sure the heat isn’t too high or you’ll get a boil over and a mess.
Thanks for watching.

skulledmonte84 says:

Yea that’s the kind i am talking about ,hey i got a video of my old stove
“Victory” Vintage Cook Stove 1920-1930’s. check it out you’ll like it !!!

skulledmonte84 says:

I have a non electric percolator it works good, hey good tips i never
thought about the water temp

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