Vacuum Siphon Coffee Maker

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New homemade coffee maker. Video is sped up because who likes to watch water boil right?


Canuck Chuck says:

I’m thinking he didnt filter out the grounds, but yes, a rubber band and
filter would work. As for the tubing, I’m pretty sure it’s copper. Same
stuff they use for water pipes.

Brandon Brennan says:

you can just use coffee filters and rubber bands if you guys are wondering.
he prolly didnt filter or even drink this coffee because hes using a brass
tube and brass isnt ideal for food and drink stuffs.

kyle shannon says:

I am curious as to what type of filter is being used as well.

abcarpenter8 says:

anyone know how it gets filtered?

sadieandshadow says:

must be one strong cup of coffee

Aaron DeVera says:

how were you able to filter out the coffee grounds?

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