Vacuum Coffee Maker

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Gather friends and use the non electric Vacuum Coffee Maker to prepare good coffee using surprising and entertaining process. Once everybody happy, slowly si…


Selsley01 says:

its a balance syphon vacuum machine and about $320 a pop
its a vacuum coz it initially sucks the coffee back into the water chamber,
its based on an original 1830s design´╗┐

ibookdude says:

Thanks for your reply to my year-old comment…lol… I actually found out
shortly after. I really liked the machine but I have to break my bank to
buy one… Not to mention I only found online stores based in AU…

menderfire9 says:

@ibookdude Oh, I couldn’t part with it. I am such a beautiful gadget
collector! And just maybe I will use it to make interesting coffee when my
coffee loving friends come to visit. Just for the record, I did not make
this video! I watched it just to see how the thing worked. PS. I don’t
think this thing would make any better brew that making coffee over a
morning campfire in an old enamel pot out under the trees in nature. It’s
just a beautiful work of art and science! Love and peace!

ibookdude says:

@menderfire9 Wow if you don’t need it I can buy it off u at a discount
maybe?? ­čśë Anyway u said u haven’t tried it yet then how did u make this
video? Thx again for your reply!

jib1000 says:

Not a vacuum coffee maker.

ibookdude says:

Great video… what is the brand of the coffee maker and where did you buy
it from? I have a Bodum Santos stovetop model and it’s making great coffee
every time, but yours is much more entertaining to watch!

menderfire9 says:

@arhodes18 Thanks for the coffee education. Just goes to show you I am
definitely not a coffee maker or drinker. My thing is foooooood; and
setting a quirky table. But I do love learning culture stuff! Various
coffee makers are very interesting. Thanks for info.

menderfire9 says:

@ibookdude I found this beautiful contraption at a second hand store. They
wanted $15.00 for it. But it was 50% off day, so I paid $7.50 for it ! No
box, not booklet. Just said 4c Cafe. So I found their website and lo, it
sells for $319. plus shipping! I haven’t tried it yet. but I will when my
friends come over … I’m not a coffee drinker.

cutley2b says:

Would have liked to have seen the entire process…not when almost done.

Austin Rhodes says:

@menderfire9 not a problem! I love educating people on coffee, it is one of
my favorite things in the world so i love sharing a piece of my information

Austin Rhodes says:

@menderfire9 I hate sound like Im being nit pick, but other than the
setting this would make a by far superior brew. This is due to the fact
that the “enameled pot” is a percolator and brews the coffee at an entirely
too hot of temperature and lets the water stay in contact with the grounds
too long as well as the fact that after the first few seconds the “water”
is weak coffee and so you are brewing coffee with coffee, not with water.
The siphon pot is by far the best way of brewing coffee!

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