Use K-Cups with Any Coffee Maker with the K-pod

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Want to try K-Cup style coffee making without buying an entire machine? Those machines can be expensive, and you might have a need for the higher capacity of…


Sergio Santos says:

One of the best Kickstarter ideas!

Charles Cortes says:

I’m sold, will buy one next Friday.

Clinton Hammond says:

Gross…. You can’t get coffee from a pod.

Grind freshly roasted beans and use an Aeropress. Best. Coffee. Ever. 

Video Security Services, Québec says:

why not just tear open the k-cup and put in in the coffee filter…..
coffee is coffee 

steve lewis says:

I don’t drink coffee I drink tea, my dear.

alberto vega says:

I like my coffee the old way, taste better to grind my bean, to get it

alex ward says:

do you guys use a dslr camera. if you do, you guys really need to get a new
lens for your camera, the vignetting of blur around the edge of your film
is pretty bad. but good videos, i like your stuff 🙂 

The Orbins says:

Cool idea except that K-Cups are 300 – 400% more expensive than just using
regular coffee. It would probably less expensive to make a whole pot and
throw it away than using K-Cups.

Christopher C says:

I smell a law suit

astrialkil says:

You will notice that he did not drink the coffee! Does he think cali has

saulclaws says:

I really like cali’s shirt

Victor Oliveira says:

That’s so cool I could use it at the cottage, cause it would be expensive
to have a second machine, great kick starter thanks for introducing it to
me great video guys still the nicest smile on the web, not you Scott lol.

Michael Nguyen says:

Doesn’t look good, no thanks.

steve lewis says:

I don’t drink coffee I drink tea, my dear.

Ravi P Anand says:

One of the best Kickstarter ideas!

Clifford Burruss says:

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