Ultralight Hiking Coffee Maker

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A simple & inexpensive lightweight coffee maker for backpacking hiking or any activity in the outdoors. This design uses some common household items: Kitchen…


beactivelife says:

Thank you very much for the comment and for taking the time to watch.
Greeting from the USA đŸ™‚ Take care my friend.

beactivelife says:

Cool dude, I can’t go a day without coffee. But that might be due to the
fact that Im usually running on only a few hours of sleep. take care

simplymy2sense says:

improvise and survive! well done and practical!

BladeReviews.com says:

Good stuff Seth, looks easy – I will have to try this!

jesus ramirez says:

that a nice way of do it

ThePavementPirate says:

Live the american dream man. Work like hell and hope tou get some time to
enjoy lofe a little bit LOL. If you end up taking a break, pm me or
something so we can leep in touch. Whatever you do, keep having fun man!

magicwoodsman7 says:


FireLion49 says:

I use that method also. I cut the spout off of the funnel to make it less
bulky.Gotta have good coffee, instant coffee sucks. Oh, I also carry a tea
ball and some tea leaves

Prepare Learn Survive! says:

Great tip but lately I use coffee in tea bag form from The Canteen Store.

karenchakey says:

Hey that’s how I make mine too, I just started doing this a couple of weeks
ago when I ran out of tasters choice, but I used a tiny strainer that I
bought at the dollar store and it worked perfect, but now now I bought some
Krogers singles they look like tea bags and they taste great! I am a coffee
drinker too, love it can’t go without it!

beactivelife says:

Thanks Muddie, if you ever catch me hikin around here in SoCal, you will
likely find me with a cup of coffee in hand. take care dude

beactivelife says:

Thats a great idea, thanks for the tip. I will definitely try it out! Take
care and Happy 4th of July

mistermatsuda says:

That’s pretty slick! If you want to make it stronger and don’t want to use
too much coffee, try using half that amount and just run it through the
filter 2 or 3 times by pouring it back into the pot. Just a suggestion,
I’ve never done it so I can’t say it’ll work but might be worth a try.

beactivelife says:

Mmmm, hot cocoa. Thanks man

muddieddesire says:

very cool vid! i would love to enjoy a cup of joe at the end of a hike!

beactivelife says:

Thanks for watching

Glocklockedloaded says:

Good stuff

beactivelife says:

Ahh, the cowboy coffee is good too my friend. Thanks for watching and I
hope all is well in your neck of the woods. Take care

beactivelife says:

Thanks man, appreciate the comment and kind words

beactivelife says:

Well put Karen, I cannot live without my coffee haha. I will have to look
out for those singles, your not the first person to recommend them to me.
Take care my friend and thank you for taking the time to watch.

beactivelife says:

Good tip, thanks for sharin. Take care

beactivelife says:

Thanks Dan, it makes a great cup of coffee. Take care

beactivelife says:


Naturliebe says:

Nice to see you back outdoors, brother. The idea with ​​the funnel is
really cool. I make the well-known cowboy coffee. Cold water and coffee on
it… bring to a boil and ready.:-) Works perfect. I wish you a nice week,
brother. Greetings Tito

beactivelife says:

Thank you for stoppin by and taking the time to comment!

beactivelife says:

Thanks dude

articat49 says:

Nice video man

ThePavementPirate says:

Excellent tip my friend! My wife will appreciate this one. She is the
coffee drinker in our duo. Always so beautiful up there. Take care man.
Hopefully I will get back to videos soon.

beactivelife says:

Will do, thanks for the comment and take care man

beactivelife says:

Good points, sometimes when space and weight is limited that is the way to

beactivelife says:

Thank you very much for the kind words and for taking the time to watch.
Take care my friend.

beactivelife says:

No problem man, thanks for taking the time to watch. Enjoy your mountain
dew my friend, when coffee is not around its my go to drink too (remember
you saying that in one of your videos). I may have to take a brief break
from youtube in the near future unfortunately too. take care

Todd Beal says:

beautiful area, thanks for the tip

janken919 says:

Great idea for fresh coffee! I use Tasters Choice instant decaf and a
packet of Coffee Mate, it’s very compact, but definitely not fresh!

beactivelife says:

It’s not foreign to make coffee that way, I have used that method before
too. But I prefer to filter out the coffee grinds if possible. Take care
and thanks for sharing.

beactivelife says:

Thats a great tip, I may have to order some and try it. Take care

Wingman115 says:

Great tip. Even for a hot cocco guy like me.

ItsAWonderfulKnife says:

Great video as always. Thank you! My wife is the coffee drinker in our
house. I’m gonna have her watch this one. Have a great week!

12ax7mod says:

thanks for sharing. i use the exact same funnel and method..thanks for the
tip using a multi tool… never thought of that…lol…. thanks..

beactivelife says:

Thanks, its a really simple way to do it. Take care

beactivelife says:


Waw Hiker says:

Great tip – simple, inexpensive and light weight – always the best
features. Nice music too.

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