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Close Toddy coffee maker can brews great coffee without the need of any stove of electricity, all you need to…


coolhypedmovies says:

Very interesting! I never knew you could make a cold brew.

Gmork says:

Toddy brewing is great because it makes a much more “smooth” coffee, but at
the same time you do lose complexity and a little flavor if you were hot
brewing via Press or drip..etc. You will only notice this though with good
beans. Grocery brand stuff ie starbucks, folgers, maxwell house are all the
gonna the same…..shitty.

John Carroll says:

I never knew you could cold brew coffee.Toddy makes a great cold brewer.

Phillip Smith says:

i never knew this was the worst video i ever watched. then i watched it.

camper88 says:

In 1964, a newly graduated chemical engineer named Todd Simpson, ordered
coffee in a small cafe in Guatemala. He received a small carafe of cool
concentrate and some boiling water, which set him wondering whether his
mother — who couldn’t otherwise stomach coffee — might be able to enjoy
the cold stuff. She could, he devised a formal brewing device and the Toddy
business was born.

astronomyisfun says:

This toddy cold brew coffee sounds like a great idea. It would be a nice
time saver in the morning, add a little hot water to the concentrate and
off you go.

TrueSnaptics says:

I love cold coffee. I didn’t know that you could make it without brewing.

Terry Truffin says:

Concept is interesting what I could understand. To appeal to an English
speaking audience they need to get a presenter without such a thick accent.
Listening should not be so much work!

Keegan Malone says:

this guy talking is really annoying, he needs to blow his nose or something.

Dotti Lyn says:

I love mine. My friends get excited every time I take a jar to work…

judymacswords says:

i just realized that no only is this great but saves money and

Samson Ong says:

Seriously, as someone that is used to drinking hot coffee, I don’t think I
would ever tried it, but this video makes it so easy…maybe just maybe…

brtnwnhsn says:

Interesting way of making coffee. If you drink a lot of coffee, this cold
brew method is a good idea.

korbaly says:

i like it. I didn’t know either that you can do a non-brew coffee. looks
like chocolate pudding or brownies. wonder why they call it “toddy”?

hlslaughter says:

the flavor produced by this method of making coffee is really amazing.
you’ll discover new flavors in your favorite beans.

GrumpyFoot says:

the more i look into toddy, the more interested i get. Interesting way to
make coffee, no brewing required.

judymacswords says:

totally cool! drip make the best coffe! move over mr coffee!

Jason Giddings says:

Be sure and buy a Toddy If you like to spend a half-hour cleaing up the
mess, otherwise you might want to look into the Hourglass Coffee Maker. I
have both. The Toddy has a filter made from some sort of fiber that gets
clogged up with grounds plus you need to dig it out of te grounds once you
are done. The Hourglass has a Stainless steel filter that you just empty
out and rinse. I will never use my Toddy again. They may be a bit more
money but Hourglass is a much nicer system.

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