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Frech press coffee can be so good, but it can also go horribly wrong! In this video Joe shares some of his tips and tricks for getting great flavor using a French Press! Have some tips yourself? Share them with us in the comments!

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mark smith says:

Didn't you just say in a previous video that blade grinders are no good because of inconsistency in the grind size? Now you say grind size doesn't matter. Sheesh

Adrien Barbier says:

Thanks for the tips! I would suggest some improvement if you please. Firstly, do not put all the water in one time. Just put a little, wait for the gaz to escape, then gently put the rest of the water. Doing this way, the coffee grinds won't mix with the foam and you won't need to use the spoon to imerge the coffee. Once the brewing is over, you should use that spoon to get that delicious pure foam, and put it into your cup! Then press down, or just put the press on top of the coffee and verse the coffee like some people do. I never tried this last tip but i will do soon. Cheers!

Naughtysauce says:

Does he need to take a shit? Stop moving around Sideburns!

Tony D says:

Boy you are annoying.

laresco409 says:

What is better for French press light, medium, or dark roast coffee or does it not matter

Célio Firmo says:

How many French Press have you broken?
Definitely the most exotic explanation I've ever seen

Jay Valentine says:

The grounds 100 percent matter , you didn't even preheat your french press , and you are spose to press slowly

Jimmy W says:

It's a widely held misconception that the grind should be rather course. You should go as fine as you can without getting too mush sediment. Your coffee will taste richer, and you will use less. Try a setting of 26 on the Baratza.

Jerry P says:

Always pre heat press and filter and coffee cups. Pour hot water to just top the coffee grind in the pot then let bloom for 30 seconds, then pour in rest of water, stir lightly, place filter in pot a few inches to keep heat in, stir again one minute later, replace filter then wait 2 more minutes, then slooowwly plunge filter down to bottom of pot and pour coffee into cup.. If being extra particular, pour brewed coffee through another small metal mesh filter to catch any small grinds.

Grizzly Country says:

Very different from what I heard from the coffee pro.
Watch "How to Use a French Press | Perfect Coffee" on YouTube

Pearl Randall says:

Great Video!

Padraig Ó Cuínn says:

wrong way of doing it.
1. heat French press
2. add desired amount of coffee per cup
3. cover coffee with boiled water for just 30 seconds
4. add your water per cup taken
5. wait 3 to 4 minutes
6. slowly press press
6a. if press it too quick coffee is too fine.
6b. if press is too hard. coffee is too course
7. pour coffee into cup and enjoy

zauche81 says:

Why a ratio of 1:16.6 ? I thought the ratio is 1g of coffee to 17.42ml of water ?Thanks in advance !

PFirefly06 says:

I am admittedly new to french press coffee, but your HULK SMASH method of pressing was truly terrifying.

Domje says:

Yo Louis Theroux, change in career?

Dain Frisby-Dart says:

I wish that you wouldn't assume that your watchers are long-time viewers of your videos. Having said that, I enjoyed this video, very informative, but also felt like I had some holes since you assumed that I knew all about pour overs and other things. Still learning. Thanks

Vicky Latorre says:

I like that everyone is sharing their way of making coffee and how to make it taste better but what about information on how much caffeine each way have, antioxidants and other healthy things? Can you tell me if doing it with the french press would have more antioxidant? I read that the amount of caffeine won't fade away the longer the coffee sit there, that only flavor would change but not healthy benefits. Is this truth? Thanks for sharing.

Sway PR says:

I've been on a coffee making video binge for a few days now. really liked a lot of the tips you mentioned here. A lot of videos are talking about super specific measures and timing, but I find that yours makes it easier to understand how you can dial in your own personal preferences. thanks! I think I watched this like 10 times.

drewj50 says:

Good video. I would also add to press the plunger down slower and never use a metal spoon!

Devil Dog says:

Brazilian Cerrado is very good coffee.

charles barry says:

Always preheat your press.

Orlando Rosado says:

Thank you for putting out great videos

Jan Malec says:

search for James Hoffman method!

Xu Archie says:

i love Joe, his gesture is really crazy but that's his way of showing passion toward coffee. I hope to see more of him!

Greater Guangxi says:

amateur tip: always make 10-20% more than you actually want to drink or fits in a cup 🙂 this makes sure that you don't get the residue (used coffee grounds) into your cup. Some people don't mind the "grainy feel", though (like me, e.g.)

Matthew Pace says:

Don't know why you're recommending to not bloom. This is the first thing I've seen that doesn't recommending blooming. Also, you should have a coarse grind, again not sure why you'd say the grind doesn't matter. I agree not to agitate the coffee too much but you should a little. All in all it's just a different method that is interesting to say the least

Jackson Sigmon says:

How much coffee grounds per water?

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