The Ultimate French Press Technique

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This is a guide to getting the best tasting, cleanest, most delicious, sludge-free cup of coffee from a french press.

Chris Zabriskie –

For more brewing techniques, check my book:
The World Atlas of Coffee –

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Chase Litvan says:

Great hair my man!

Leon Loh says:

I tried this method a few times now. but I still found the sludge moving past the press. any tips or insights?

Deucee O says:

Wow I feel so relaxed and mesmerized after watching this vid. I will give this a shot.

Jamie & Coral Read says:

Bullet proof French Press technique ^^^ I followed the instructions and am enjoying a fantastic smooth coffee at just the right temperature. Thanks.

MinooisaG says:

Does it not get more bitter after 4 minutes

Emre Berk Ekinci says:

time is money friend im not gonna wait like that, its just a coffe !

Bill Shannon says:

For my Americans: his 30 grams of coffee to 500 grams of water=
1 ounce of coffee for every 18 (roughly) ounces of water
1 ounce of coffee = about 1 pint of water

Tyler Durden says:

It seems you are wasting 5 minutes to let everything settle to the bottom when you can press it all to the bottom in 5 seconds.

Rizky indra dewanto says:

Yes it taste better, but to much thing to do for me so i don't scoop the foam.

SK says:

Soft water?

Hmm. Hard water tastes better.

Lifted_Above says:

I was following up until the brew time was said to be 4 minutes. I get that. After 4 minutes of soak, I've seen in other places that a person is to slowly plunge and then pour into a cup.
You're saying after 4 minutes, plunge part way and wait another 5 minutes before pouring? Isn't that essentially a 9 minute soak time?

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