The Mr Coffee Keurig One Cup Coffee Maker Review

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Charlene Brooks says:

Has anyone had a problem with them where they just stop working? Mine comes
on shows that it is brewing, a couple of drops of water comes out and then
it shuts off. I need HELP because I love it a lot and don’t want to give it
up or buy a new one.

vcamnowaa says:

It might be clogged did you try using a paper clip in the K-cup needles? I
had the same problem with my Mr. Coffee a couple weeks after this video was
made 🙂

Trevor Warren says:

cool my bro got the same one

Michael Pedersen says:

Keurig is owned by Green Mountain Coffee. Mr Coffee just made a K-cup
compatible brewer. Like Cuisinart.

43128lucky4 says:

cuisinart makes a full size version with the make your own k cup

Carol McFadden says:

This guy is hilarious. Maybe it’s because it’s 1:30 in the morning when I’m
watching it, but he kept me entertained. I’m seriously thinking of buying
one of these based upon this video. At least he was “real.” haha lol

Jack Stavris says:

Nice coffee maker. I’m not a huge fan of coffee. I’m more of a tea fan.

Michael Pedersen says:

That is a big ass 1oz cup.

IamFat32 says:

I still use an old style conventional percurator coffee maker…. takes
forever to make a few cups. and I have to clean the whole thing after every

cejkwo Mass says:

What a novel concept,add milk after coffee. I have to remember that!

narutofan12able1 says:

that’s a pretty good coffee maker

geeb21 says:

hhahahahahahahaha this guy had me crackin up at the end

Carolyn Mills Ivey Ivey says:

just read that 600,000 units were recalled because of burn hazards…..

Brennan Kruk says:

Talk about a full cup of Joe lol they didn’t wanna jip ya on that one

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