Tassimo T65 Coffee Maker Review – Latte Machiato

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I know that I typically post videos on technology. But hey techies love coffee too. So I thought I would share with you my favorite coffee maker. It was reco…


ThriftyWitch says:

I did a video on enviremental aspects to this machine on my channel.

Vance Xavier says:

I don’t like the UHT milk you use in this. It is dead milk, nothing
beneficial for your body whatsoever. I’d rather use the Phillips senseo
latte maker where you can use fresh milk. Barcode is a gimmick and just
their way of stopping those from using reusable pods on their machines.

Ian Timms says:

I have this machine. Highly recommend it

Tablets for Me says:

I have had my Machine for a year. Every keurig drinker that has tried
coffee from tassimo like it better. As i indicated below the coffee is
cheaper as well.

arkasza2007 says:

Wow now I can see that making coffee takes the same amount of timeas making
it with manual express, so I dont recommend this express

570875 says:

i clock this to 59 sec to make milk ,best time i clock whas 35 sec and no
it whas not tassimo

defcon1 says:

its called German Engineering!

Tablets for Me says:

The new Keurig does make lattes. But it uses powdered milk. I have a friend
that has it. She tried the one from the Tassimo and said it was much
better. She returned her machine. She also said the coffee was much more
expensive. The new T55 is awsome. If you like frothy coffee this is the way
to go. I will be posting a video review of that machine.

jryans10 says:

Good review :). One question, you said they always come up with new ideas,
but will these machines work with new future pads? Or would you need to buy
a new one to work with newer pads? Thanks.

Daniel Gutierrez says:

finaly someone says tassimo like me

Tablets for Me says:

I just posted a new review of the New T55 from Tassimo

murrayminibikeclub says:

The Keurig B70 is better then the Tassimo T65. In the long run you will
notice this !

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