Tassimo T55 Styline

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An exclusive beforehand look at the revolutionary new model from Bosch. The all new Tassimo T55 Styline is an exceptional new single cup coffee maker. We now have a demonstration video of how to set it up for its’ first use.

After plugging in the machine always clean the water tank before using. Fill the tank with water from your tap. The filtration system is built in. Place the water tank on the machine and switch the machine on. Open the brew head and take out the service disk. Place the service disk into the brew head and close it. Place a cup at least 200 ml under the nozzle. Press the button and the brewer rinses. Repeat this 4 times while emptying the cup.

Low energy consumption makes this a green friendly coffee maker that will save you on your electric bill. It operates silently and just like a tassimo, it could not be easier to use with its single button operation. You can adjust the strength of each cup with the +/- button.

Barcode technology, fully automatic single button operation, removable water tank, low energy consumption, automatic cleaning and descaling, silent operation, immediate ready to brew functions.


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