Tassimo Coffee Makers

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Tassimo coffee maker brews a variety of hot beverages including a single cup of coffee, cappuccino, latte, tea and hot chocolate in under a minute.  It makes an excellent tasting coffee and the cappuccino and lattes are a welcome change from the ordinary. Their revolutionary technology ensures easy and fast brewing at the push of a button. It automatically changes the setting of your machine to make the perfect cup and you are able to adjust the strength of each cup to your preference. You will have a truly delicate and unique brewing experience.

What Makes a Tassimo Different?

The machine uses a unique system of T-discs, rather than loose ingredients for brewing your beverages. The disc has its own filter and brewing chamber. On each and every disc is an imprinted bar code. The machine scans the bar code and sets the temperature, pressure, and brew time according to what drink you are brewing.

The instructions couldn’t be easier. A simple fill of the water tank and in moments you have steaming hot coffee or tea. The machine reads the bar codes on the coffee disc and delivers just the right amount of water at the right temperature within seconds. If you don’t want to make a whole pot of coffee, its perfect – one cup at a time.

If you are looking for a machine that is quick, handy and easy to clean, this is the one. T-Discs are easy to find online or at most major grocery store.

The new model Tassimo made by Bosch. You can  use this one coffee machine to brew many of types of coffee, tea, hot chocolate and even espresso and lattes.

The automatic cycle did make a rather small cup, but you can intercede at the end of the cycle and continue the brewing until you have made an amount to your liking. . the option of adding a bit more water to the coffee, as I find the espresso a little bit too strong.

Compared to the older model made by Braun, the new Tassimo has a much more compact design and the water tank fits on far better as well. The new Suprema version has a water filter cartridge in the tank for cleaner water.

I have tried all kinds of drinks with the Tassimo and have enjoyed every single one.


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mr coffee bvmc fm1 says:

Hey Automaticcoffeemaker,
Speaking of which, I have a tassimo coffee/tea/hot chocolate maker and tonight i found these light brown/brown things on it. it looks like some kind of larve, but they dont move and its really gross! some of them are kinda furry…my husband just whiped them off and said not to worry about it but ew!!! anyone have a clue about what they are?!

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