Tassimo Bosch Coffee Maker

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Demo of my Tassimo Bosch Coffee Maker. Read my full review here: http://j.mp/tassimobrewer-review.


Michael Sniderman says:

why does this have to be 4 and a half minutes´╗┐

TheChiefsDude says:

@alagoas78 Their reviewing it. Showing you how it works to see if you might
be interested into it.

Nataliya Voronova says:

wow, thats a great coffee maker. it makes me realize how great coffee
makers are going to be in the future. I thought the kuerig coffee maker was
great, but this one blows it out of its feet.

FliiiiipSk8r says:

xD Sounds like a machine gun i was guna buy one of them is there any other

Benny Scheiner says:

wack. thought it would hand me my coffee and do a little robot dance like
in the commercial

KettuceMargeryxx123 says:

Thanks for this vid! I had bought the coffee maker and milka t discs, (this
is guna sound very idiotic) but hadn’t realised that it came with the crema
t discs aswell as I hadn’t looked at the other side of the packet! now i
have watched this vid i find it tastes so much creamier and nicer! thanks
­čśÇ x

Mysty Nyckel says:

We bought a Bosch from a friend without instructions, this was a great
quick simple tutorial thanks!!

ParticalMahn says:

It dosent dance? D:

BubblesLovessYou says:

@aniadebesciak I KNOW! SAME HERE! I got my mom one of these for christmas,
and we tried to make a Latte, and it made that sound, so we turned it off
and now I’m watching this..

darknova00100 says:

wheres the robot part…

Somayeh Mohammady says:

Too complicated.

steelfoxdesign says:

It is a bit loud..

Burly6995 says:

Does it come with ear plus that’s loud

Thomas Hofer says:


Mezcala47710 says:


jmillzzz says:

Mine is so loud! Is that normal?

TrishaJ04 says:

Whao!! That is one loud coffee maker lol

paininthe10 says:

Save your money ! It’s and expensive piece of crap IMO. The two different
hot chocolate drinks are awful and I mean awful. I tried the nabob
cappucino and that was disgusting. Man I really got duped in buying

DJPoison Eighty says:

I had a Kurp… It just makes as much noise! Im buying a tassimo now ,, as
my local tesco extra only does two coffee types and i liked the latte and
hot choco.. look good :O)

Fanadama says:

House sitting at my brothers and I needed coffee! but had no idea how to
use his Bosch. Your video saved the day. Thank you.

MsJoajoa says:

omg, that’s a lot of noise and time to get a drink…….

lucasmorter says:

really loud huh?

LHOisaQuickscoper says:

@ArkWindProductions i thought it did, pisses me off

deb6949 says:

Many thanks for that x

blindkilla2 says:

Why is it so loud? Like holy fuck….

anonymousgamer123321 says:

Thank you

ArkWindProductions says:

so it doesnt transform into a robot……

RonDem2009 says:

Great video,I’m glad you waited for the standby light to come on, most
videos open the top too soon. I just bought a Bosh T45 and love it, not as
loud as I thought it would be. I highly recommend it. Got mine on sale at
$100 off till Dec 05 2010. So many varieties you can make it’s awesome.

Ania P says:

I just got my Tassimo today, and I was wondering if the noise is normal or
I need to return it to the store. But it looks like it’s normal. It boders
me a little but coffie and cappuccino is delicious.

PokemonMastersize says:

Thank you for this video really helped

antney1108 says:

This was my very first Tassimo “Coffee Robot”. Definitely a very fine

Bern From Wales says:

Is that the machine making all the noise, or your stomach?

Dane Sanlon says:

Thanks, this was better than reading the manual

Robin Hood says:

@ArkWindProductions nope


I have one of these it sounds a lot louder on this video than it actually
is, plus you get used to the sound. It Makes a better latte than from
costa’s in my opinion and at a quarter of the price for a cup.

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