Sunbeam Vacuum Coffee Maker

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The Sunbeam Vacuum Coffee Maker in action!


Richard Paul says:

Nice and shiny chrome great reflections Bears?´╗┐

MarkinDC says:

I have read about these glass Sunbeam models, but haven’t seen one yet.
More fun to watch than my C30/C50. By the way – was there ever a C40? ´╗┐

Luke Morter says:

@pugggs no.

pugggs says:

isn’t it bad to boil the water with grounds in it?

Michelle Williams says:

that is so cute where did you get that

thegreatdoowoper says:

nice model and makes the best coffee possible. hardly known in Europe due
to the horrible filter invasion!

djdoyle says:

Nice Sunbeam Beehive model. Best of the glass brewers with a nice sturdy
metal base. See the magic and retain the heat. Love ’em.

Sally Charette says:

Thanks! I have the bottom part of this coffee maker, and it’s nice to see
what it was capable of!

TuxedoRonny says:

Very nice. I’ve never seen the glass top before, only the metal throughout.
Is this a newer or older model (as far as the line of sunbeam vacuum
brewers went)?

Irondo11 says:

OMG, I love your set up!

MrKEGreene says:

Very nice, and with the WW11 replacement top! Plus the tray and matching
sugar and creamer. These make such good coffee. Been using one (one of
several) since ’77. Fun to see here.

EDHBlvd says:

Very cool.

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