Solofill V2 Review + How to use Keurig K-Cups in the Keurig VUE Coffee Maker

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Learn how to how to brew Keurig K-Cups with Keurig VUE Single Serve Coffee Maker plus Solofill V2 Gold Reusable filter exclusive Review by http://www.aromacu…


Aristocob says:

Who’s taking bets on how long it will take for Keurig to change the guts of
the VUE machines so this won’t work?

lorna marshall says:

I have been online and in stores trying to find this. Can you give a link
to purchase?

Jackie Geist says:

We purchased Solofill V2 3 in 1 from Amazon. It works great for ground
coffee….but the K cups are quite an issue. When we first started using
the K cups in the VUE we had a few grounds in cup. Today every Donut Shop
(name brand) K cup we brewed we had tablespoons of grounds in our cup.
Then our VUE quit working all together. It is very new purchase !!

Joey B says:

The solofill works great for me. I had the same problem with it being a
little difficult to puncture the k cup. I solved the problem by giving the
k cup a slight little twist while pushing down. It punctures it easily
then. I highly recommend the solofill v2. It sucks because my local Walmart
is always out of the Vue cup, but now I can use k cups. Also there is a
huge variety of the k cups so that’s a plus and they’re cheaper. 

mendogsx says:

Could you check what happened to this product and update please? As of
02/06/14 it’s no longer available, not out-of-stock, but no mention of it
on Solofill’s own website and it’s double it price on Amazon to an average
of $40. Discontinued, sued by Keurig? 

brian botkiller says:

Latest work with +Aromacup Coffee Maker Reviews 

stormchasingal says:

Mines being delivered tomorrow

emptyowe says:

So I bought one of these.. I cannot recommend it at all.
Used it a couple times without issue… then….
When using it, it “leaks” coffee grounds (from a K-cup – not my own
grounds) into the Vue machine. This caused something to get severely
clogged in the brewer. Now when you hit Brew on the Vue, you hear the pump
initiate about 2-3 times for about 2 seconds… then nothing. Then the
display lights up as “Lift To Brew” again. Even with a real Vue pack in it,
or even with NO pack in it, same thing.
It broke our Vue. Luckily we have a warranty with the place we purchased
and they are honoring.
We will be returning the Solofill. The design is just not up to par for
regular use yet. (And we only used it 3 times!!)

Regina Graves says:

Love this idea from Solofill to Keurig VUE!!! So many K-Cups out in stores
now available to buy. Know Solofill V2 will work awesome with my Keurig VUE
everyday in use. Have to agree will need two. Love my Keurig.

Armando Bailon says:

Glad that Solo is thinking of Vue owners so they can enjoy the variety of
kcups. Since Keurig just doesn’t seem to care about getting more variety of
Vue cups.

Jennifer Brown says:

We received our Vue as a gift, but no one within a 60 miles radius sells
Vue cups. The Solofill V2 will definitely be added to our coffee
paraphernalia. Thanks for bringing this to our attention!

digelsrud says:

I’ve been trying to decide about which machine to buy and came across your
video comparing the VUE to the K-Cup & then I came across this video which
answered my other question about K-Cups in VUE machines. First off –
thanks for answering my questions. Many of the reviews of the VUE (around
the web) liked the machine, but had complaints about not being able to use
K-Cups in the VUE machines. I actually think (even though it seems counter
intuitive) that Keurig will do better selling their VUE systems now that
the Solofill 2 Reusable filter exists. This is because you can now use two
kinds of Keurig products in the VUE (it no longer matters what’s available
in your area VUE Cups or K-Cups), so they will sell more VUE machines.
Anyhow, thanks again for the videos.

Linda Laribee says:

I bought my Solofill V2 on ebay 2 months ago for $21.00 including shipping.
I love it! It is a must buy!

Leslie Lewis says:

Use mine daily

emptyowe says:

What do you think about the cup of coffee that is produced using this,
versus just a native Vue cup? Any difference noted? If you brew the exact
same coffee using a K-cup with the adapter (in the Vue) versus the same
coffee as a Vue pack. Are they similar enough to call them about the same?
Can you still do the Stronger brew?
Way cool and thanks for all of your wonderful videos. Very informative and
very clear!

GrailHunter says:

This guy looks like hes on drugs

Igor Del Norte says:

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