Solar Powered Coffee Maker

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This is a 12 volt coffee maker plugged up to the solar trailer. This coffee maker takes about 13 amps and hour to operate. And in the 15 minutes it took to b…


Arsenios Ioannides says:

very useful for home use´╗┐

ironhead41 says:

cool solar trailer

cappydawg says:

Very nice, i wish i could get a cheap solar system as big as yours ­čÖü

SSparks555 says:

@cappydawg The entire, Solar Trailer Project, cost me about $2,000.

SSparks555 says:

@AgrippasNotebook3336 TY ­čÖé

SSparks555 says:

@ironhead41 This is the first cup of coffee that I’ll never forget. The
first of many, lol.

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