Single Cup Coffee Maker

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Next Revolution in Coffee: Coffee by the Cup

How many times have you gone to the office coffee pot to find it either empty, filled with stale coffee or just plain cold? And when it’s your turn to do coffee you have to go through the ordeal of cleaning the pot (you clean the pot, don’t you?), searching through all the cupboards in the kitchen to check the filters, and guesstimate how much coffee you should use. What if you do not need to do all that just to make a great cup of coffee?

The answer is simple: Single-cup coffee makers, you (and anyone else in your office) create a fresh, hot cup of coffee, every time.

Imagine, every time you want a cup of coffee that the coffee is rich and fresh in the same way that you get from a coffee house, just do not have to leave the office to get it. Single-cup coffee is a recent rage for coffee and tea lovers.
There are basically two types of single-cup systems. One uses a pod, which is a circular, mesh-like, bag filled with coffee. The second is called a K-Cup, developed by a company called Keurig. Most large single cup coffee brands sell their coffee in one or both of these systems.

How Does A K-Cup Work?

K-cups are air tight to lock freshness in. Pressurized hot water passes through an internal filter after it is heated to the ideal tempurature. See the diagram below for more details.

Many offices are tossing out their coffee pots to switch to single serve coffee systems and coffee fans are applauding the decision.

Coffee lovers can buy their single cup coffee pods at most grocery outlets or they can even buy pods online. Some sites specializes in the K-cup system, so if you or your office have a Keurig coffee machine, use premium K-cup coffee like “Timothy’s” or Gloria Jeans”. Coffee Pods come in many different flavors. There is even Kahlua flavoured coffee pods.

You can also use the replacement pods made by the manufacturers.

Single-serve coffee is the next wave in the coffee revolution. You buy coffee by the cup at coffee houses why not get it by the cup at home and in the office.

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[…] There are several models for both brands, which means there is an extremely broad range of prices and features. But the price should not be the determining factor for which brand you choose. I personally recommend Keurig over Tassimo, but both are excellent single cup coffee makers. […]

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