Should you upgrade to Keurig 2.0 K-Cup Coffee Maker or not?

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Should you upgrade to Keurig 2.0 K-Cup Coffee Maker or not by WHERE TO BUY: K-Cup Brewers at –…


Coffee Maker Reviews - says:

Should you upgrade to Keurig 2.0 K-Cup Coffee Maker or not? – YouTube #Keurig #Hellokeurig #Coffee #Coffeemaker

Michael Fuentes says:

When I received mine for Christmas this year I fell in love with. I think
it’s awesome. I wanted a kuerig ever since I tryed my friend’s. I didn’t
know there was so many models and that the 2.0 was the latest. Well after
using mine and having encountered the oops error screen, I researched and
found that there are ways to remedy that. I disconnected the drm sensor and
also put a tiny mighty magnet taped to the upper lid where the sensor is at
and now I can brew what I want up to 14oz for one k cup or in a reusable k
cup. For me I didnt mind taking it apart because I like doing things like
that. There are plenty of videos on here that show you how to do this.

Regular Grind says:

My problem with Keurig’s decision is they exact a royalty from every coffee
maker, although they are in no way responsible for purchasing or processing
the beans that go into the coffee. This is no doubt influenced by the fact
the company was purchased from the original owners by a corporation known
as “Green Mountain” and they’re a company that has their own coffee. They
probably felt that if you chose a competitor’s coffee over theirs, they
should be paid anyway.
We have expectations. They are influenced by prior court rulings, and by
anti-trust statutes that prohibit the producer of a machine from requiring
that you purchase their products when there is no difference in quality or
composition. That is why Honda does not insist that you purchase their
windshield wipers or gas or oil for their cars. They know that if they did,
it would be both illegal and bad business. I doubt many people would buy
Honda cars.
There are many other coffee machines on the market which work as well or
better than Keurig, and use any coffee pod. I suggest going with them.
I use a refillable pod because I do not want to leave my grandchildren with
a mountain of my plastic coffee pods to contend with.

Trucking Vapes says:

You can use the other kcups.. Just gotta tape a top to the sensor inside.
Lots of Videos on how to Hack the 2.0. 

Drew Diaz says:

These things have a carbon footprint like a coal fired humvee

Chris Rasmussen says:

I went to and noticed the lack of choice in makers. 🙁 Have
they or are they discontinuing the old versions of the K cup brewers? 🙁 I
don’t need a 2.0 just yet if ever unless you can use the old style K cups
for one cup. Probably could use more than 1 to fill the carafe.

Maria Bardo says:

I still have my old one and it still works. If is not broken… why fix it?

35sdphoto says:

If you have 4 min you can cut one of the new k cup lids off and glue/tape
it to the lid of the machine and it allows you to use any cup. Plenty of
videos out there for it now.

Thanks for the video tho I didn’t know if there were any good new features
for the 2.0 because everyone was angry about it. Knowing I can just fix the
machine with little effort tho I think the new features are worth it.

Gary Ballard-Toney says:

Great video. I have a Vue 500. I’m considering getting one of the Keurig K
cup 2.0 models. I’d like to see a comparison of the Keurig Vue coffee
makers and Keurig K cup 2.0 coffee makers. I really like my Vue machine but
the brand & blend selection is sorta limited and does not have the blend in
thd brand I like. I’m gonna try the K cup blend in my Vue. But… I’m
thinking of trading the Vue for a K cup 2.0 model. What are your thoughts
on this? 

Deona Moore says:

There are a lot of hacks out there so you can use the older cups, filters
and get the machine to brew bigger than a 10 oz cup.

Ryan Roop says:

Is there a way to use reusable K-Cups? For the 2.0?

Pat Moore says:

No, you should not. Because it stops people from exercising choice.

jojo rada says:

I both one a year ago and now don’t work.i was pissed.ill go back the old
style…damn keurig make u spend more money.its just a waste of money.

Tony Funge says:

Why Buy Keurig 2.0 even if you can hack they are screwing their loyal
costumers. Had for 2 others not anymore i will not give them my money

Leslie Lewis says:

No need to upgrade if you have a vue or that bunn next to you I have a
keurig and a vue both are great they can die and not work for like a week
then start working again 

Just Me says:

Man you well know YOU CAN do all those things, theres already videos on how
to get around to do all those things quick & easy 

Steve Anderson says:

good to know, was going to buy one buy not know! Thanks

Coffee Maker Reviews - says:
nostaradu says:

Very informative, thanks.

sziltner says:

Good bye Keurig!

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