Scrapping a commercial coffee maker

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I show you is a commercial worth strpping or selling for steel like us on Facebook The website


jackshmuc says:

Nichrome …. should be the same as 409 SS price cause its a type of

yoga martial says:

Nice video Mike

Rabbit Baker says:

You had some aluminum foil bunched up after breaking it all down. Can we
scrap aluminum foil & what is the scrap price?

Mike the Scrapper says:

Nice…I have to try that…LOL… just like when you tell a child that is
hot and they still touch it…Thank you for the advice

jimscdot says:

DO NOT! I REPEAT, DO NOT grind aluminum on the grinding wheel. It will load
up the wheel and could explode because of the build up of heat!

B scott says:

after some research i see that scrap yards buy them as stainless steel, but
inside of each is a wire that is encased in the ceramic that is made of
nickel. not sure if its worth stripping the 2 apart, the ceramic adds
weight to the stainless steel. Most heating elements use Nichrome 80/20
(80% nickel, 20% chromium) wire, ribbon, or strip. Nichrome 80/20

james gamle says:

Hey mike so are the heating elements worth more than light iron?

Scrapperella says:

I hit Like!! Where did you learn about which metal sparks… ? LOL 😉 How
has everything been your way? Things have been extremely busy over here.
Ready for the Holidays?

Mike the Scrapper says:

Rip them off… does not matter if the boards break… they will still but

SandyMoth says:

Hi Mike, you must be pulling apart hundreds if not thousands of units for
scrap, what do you do with the millions of screws ?. Im no where in your
league yet, so I keep most I get in case I need one or even a washer for
the odd job around home. But, I’d really like to know what you do with
yours please. Great videos by the way.

xIntoThePitx says:

300 series stainless is non-magnetic and worth 6x more than 400 series
stainless which is magnetic (toasters, silverware) and get tossed in with
your tin/light iron pile.

Kart Racer says:

Enough to make me not wanna get coffee out. Great vid as always keep them

Mike the Scrapper says:

aluminum is softer and if u use a knife it will cut deeper in the metal…
stainless will not do that

Mike the Scrapper says:

Tahnk you…Just throw it in with your aluminum…

Mike the Scrapper says:

Thank you

Mike the Scrapper says:

Same as aluminum…Check with your local scrap yard…

pokemonprimed says:

Also how do you get transformers off circuit boards?I’ve tried for the life
of me to pull em off.Even my dad can’t get them off.Any help?

Rabbit Baker says:

Thank you. I’ve been just throwing aluminum foil out, not thinking I could
get anything. This is why I enjoy watching all your videos.

yoga martial says:

Anytime learnt a lot from your videos.and Kennys

Mike the Scrapper says:

I keep all my screws in coffee pots … then I send them to the
scrapyard… I to use a few here & there when needed…Thank you for the

Mike the Scrapper says:

LMAO…It will reincarnate to a cappucino machine…


Second !

111kenni says:

Please scrap a Budist temple next, since you are obviously into scrapping
religious artefacts. COFEEE MAKER??? Evil dude…

SandyMoth says:

Thank you, I was hoping that you scrapped them too, it must be worth while
doing so when you get thousands.

Harold Hoyt says:

Excellent video…nice breakdown.

Mike the Scrapper says:

Someone told me about that when I 1st starting scrapping….It has been
very busy here also with the storm and all…And yes I am getting ready for
the holidays….I hope you and your family are well…

Mike the Scrapper says:

Thank you..I turn something so small into a big production

pokemonprimed says:

Drill=RIP Headphone Users

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