SCG Crew Tests: Drip Coffee Maker Brew Temperatures

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Ever wonder how consistent and hot your drip coffee maker actually gets while it’s brewing? We did! So we grabbed a temperature probe from Fluke and tested a…


katzparov says:

Assuming that it’s an auto drip that stops dripping when the carafe is
pulled out………Why not do this test without the carafe so that the
basket can fill with water for a minute or so rather that having it drip
out…Of course if you run it too long the water that’s already in the
basket my begin to cool down.

PopRoxBro says:

I still miss Kat :,(

ward4peace says:

you are great-from a techy-add filter to slow down flow and set meter to
min max-it should store the fleeting max temps for you..all the best and
thanks for lots of info and laughs-you two should be on video…….

Robert Foster says:

A more meaningful experiment would have measured temperature immediately
upon exiting the brew head, as you note. Otherwise, the temperature
readings may be affected by size and shape of the brew basket. Still, it’s
hard to believe that three of the coffee makers you tested didn’t approach
proper coffee brewing temperature. It looks like they are selling swoopy
design rather than engineering.

Stefan Sigfinnsson says:

nothing surprised me. Bells and whistles do not count. It’s built quality
and performances that counts. I know of Technivorm machines that are 20+
old and still going strong. Don’t know of any other brand lasting that

AmericanHothead says:

Okay, forgive me. I obviously see which one brews hotter but, is hotter
better? Is 202f too hot?

Robstafarian says:

I knew the Techivorm would beat my Bona Vita, but I am quite satisfied for
the price. I decided to save the money in order to afford a grinder in the
future, and I think that was a solid decision.

Also, Kris in Customer Support has been very patient with me. I really
should not wait until I am out of coffee to order more: I always make

Paul Welford says:

hey First I love Gayle and the Seattle Coffee gang i hope to come to
America and meet you guys

Dave Lowis says:

Sorry but I equate breville to cheap kitchen equipment and their sandwich
toaster! I always thought the kings of coffee systems are saeco(gaggia?) la
pavoni, Franco, rancilio or are these European equivalents?

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