Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever – French Press

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From “The French Press” EP, out now on Sub Pop Records.

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I’m alright if you ask me, but you never do
Is this thing on?
I’m coming to shoot from the side of Dirty Canal
And I never felt better since I let it go
You find out who your friends are when the city’s cold
You speak like a child

And I’ve been reading the French press
And I’ve been disconnected

People used to say under their breath
That you’ve got the looks and I’ve got all of the rest
Didn’t work out for the best
But brother, don’t you know, brother, don’t you know?
That jealousy is a curse, much worse is the silence
Strange, you’re moving out of range

You keep it alright, that’s good to know
The cup runs over, the overflow
But nothing happens here, the time ticks slow
But the money walks and the hot air blows
And the same shirt and the same crack, the same window
Chicken from a French press
Fiona’s strange address, did your hear back?
(I’m having trouble making you out)
Did you hear about? (I said, I think I’m cutting out)
Did you? (I’m having trouble)
Did you hear about?


Ernest Ranan says:

I always thought that he sang " I never felt better since I let You go "
It would gave a different perspective to this song.

Angel Jaquez says:

This song is Amazing

Robert Ferguson says:

What a sweet groove.

Mr Lailey says:

Don't watch the officail video.

Janathan Holland says:

Absolutely desensitizing. It's wonderful.

TheBBQify says:

accidentally had it on 1.5 speed
i highly recommend it

ryruko16 says:

Isn't this the Shout Out Louds guy?

Xavier Dennis says:

thank goodness I subbed to this channel

Rebecca Cristina says:

fucking good

Paris Escobar says:

You are my musical brother

Aiur says:

once i heard that riff progression i knew i was in for a hell of a tune

Leslie Garcia says:

wow. man I swear you have great taste in music. i kinda miss your videos tho.

Benja Storie says:

This makes me want to find garage bands and support them!

Jonas Polsky says:

Bump this in my whip, with blackout tint

ArtiCat says:

smoking cigarettes,talking to myself,cooking and shaking butt with dance

Popeline Out says:

Niceeeeeeee! Fantastic!

Dburnage says:

hard not to like anything coming out of this channel. my skepticism is always checked.

Billy The Baller says:

How the hell is this YouTube channel so good?

Kyle Sullengern says:

beautiful guitar jam

Vibes Aplenty says:

I was underwhelmed on the first listen but for some reason I came back to it like two hours later and gave it another spin. Now I'm obsessed and can't stop hitting replay. I really love your channel..

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