Rocket Espresso Machine Maintenance – Replacing The Group Gasket

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This video shows you how to replace the group gasket on the Rocket espresso machines. The video also applies to all most E61 group head machines.


Espressotec says:

@Rasmus Ottosen Generally for home use it can be replaced every year to
two. During a grouphead we recommend taking the shower screen out with the
group gasket and squeezing the gasket flat to inspect for any cracking and

Rasmus Ottosen says:

This was just what I needed… my group head ring was very hard and the
stuff up behind so dirty.
Question: how often do you recommend to change the group head ring? 

Espressotec says:

It helps lighten the mood after you get a cut 😀

Espressotec says:

Sometimes the water spreader is on tight especially if the unit is warm. If
you are using a quarter, use pliers to turn the water spreader loose. I
recommend using a wide flat head instead of the quarter since the brass
water spreader is easy to damage.

Espressotec says:

Excellent! Glad we could help.

ASxROMA says:

Espressotec: thank you Sir for the reply! Finally I removed it once it was
cold with the quarter. Lucky I didn’t damage it. It was pretty tight, I
used the pliers. I didn’t tighten too much after cleaning; just in case.
Thanks again !

Espressotec says:

@sliiidelappy We’re restructuring our video upload method. We apologize for
the errors and thank you for checking out our video!

ASxROMA says:

Can’t seem to get brass thing off! Machine is 1 month old r58. Using a
quarter coin instead of screw driver.I will wait until machine is cold and
retry. Thanks for great video.

Michiel van Lierop says:

Brilliant Band-Aid! 🙂

David Henry says:

You don’t make it clear what parts you are using. I have an Isomac Tea II
(E61 grouphead) – the shower screen is like the one you show but has no
groove to leverage the assembly out to replace the grouphead gasket. Could
you help me with those part numbers from your site. Thanks for your video –
very informative. I have replaced the gasket many times and it has always
been a hassle – the lip on the shower screen will make it all so much

Rasmus Sanggaard says:

U really need someone with a little more computerskills to manage ur videos

Espressotec says:

The shower screen is part # 1097 which is an OEM Rocket shower screen.
Thanks for checking out the video and sorry for not posting the part #’s.

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