Rival Coffee Maker Consumer Review

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A product review of a $9 coffee maker, made by Rival and bought from Walmart. A loud noise accompanies the brewing coffee gurgles. Since it brews the coffee,…


Patrick Naranjospatrick says:

Im only 11 years old and i make coffee for my mom and i think its a good
coffee pot

jim reed says:

this model stinks i owned mine for about 2 months and the pump is going
out, been more than a month so cant take it back for a new one so im stuck
having to by another new on .

januaryman169 says:

I just bought one of these. I mean, I just bought one of these today. I
brewed my first pot of coffee with it. It does indeed make a bit of noise
when brewing. Not bad for a $9 coffee maker. I was concerned about how long
I’d wait before getting my coffee as I had a Bunn that brewed a pot in 3
minutes. The bunn cost $100 and lasted almost 3 years.

deathblade59 says:

Stop complaining people its a fucking 9 dollar coffee maker did you think
it would not have any problems? Think people

SaraElizabeth07 says:

I’ve had mine for less than a month and it sometimes brews so slowly that
it takes an hour to get ONE cup of coffee. I’m going to see if it is
clogged up, but SHEESH. How stupid!

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