Review: Keurig VUE v600 Single Serve Coffee Maker

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WHERE to BUY Keurig Keurig VUE V600 Exclusive Review by Video Tags: 0:52 What’s in the…


Aromacup Coffee Maker Reviews says:

Review: Keurig VUE v600 Brewer 

cj0e says:

btw, the brewing process is a little bit louder than the K machine. It
seems to have a stronger pump and come on, it’s only a few seconds. 

Jordan Callaghan says:

Keurig Platinum goes up to 192 degrees. 

Lucien de Calonne says:

I love the machine but am having problems locating the Vue cups. Any

cj0e says:

I enjoy the one I have, especially with the ‘SoloFill V2’ that allows
K-cups with a wider variety of coffee. 

sholseberg1 says:

I just a vue v600 for Christmas, is anyone else’s machine loud? I feel like
its loud than the keurig that uses k cups, is this normal or is something
wrong with mine?

Christopher Moore says:

when will you review the v500?

Aromacup Coffee Maker Reviews says:

Thanks :). Enjoy your cup,

Aromacup Coffee Maker Reviews says:

Will publish review this month. Enjoy your cup,

Aromacup Coffee Maker Reviews says:

Yes. Also it cost less then v700. Enjoy your cup,

danny colon says:

So new version has old black white screen? Kinda bootleg

RakanWD says:

Thanks for the review ^^

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