Review : Keurig Single Cup Coffee Maker

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http://www.Alfred.TV READ ME FIRST: We added a new peripheral to the kitchen (server room) at work — a Keurig Single Cup Coffee Maker. This device spits out…


ozzybwild says:

some chinese folks should really copy the shape and edit the mold to be a
bit thicker.. and from high quality material.. viola: cheesy crazy cuppy
coffee! .. i guess plastic, colored lids to close it with a small hole to
let the hot water through would even allow a “close” design to be stored
with those eyecandy-ish walmart cartridges.. hmm.. ๐Ÿ™‚ to china, from
germany, with love.. ๐Ÿ˜‰

DeadFredVideo says:

Woah! Was that a Windows PC at the end? Didn’t look very very Mac-y ๐Ÿ™‚

MountainDew554 says:

i have that exact one in my kitchen!!!

Pinworm X says:

Now i gotta pee.

ilovedagreenday says:


amygips1030 says:

how did it taste?

sevenvt says:

no… you arent. there is a refillable cartridge available. research…
before you look like a jerk.

clemens103 says:

Nice video Alfred! Did you know that ‘keurig’ actually means ‘exquisite’ or
‘neat’ in Dutch?

hiddenwindows says:

Heheh I love those things. Nice little mini-tour at the end there.

qqstar999 says:

It’s more a trademark

Chelea Robins says:

@Fretkillr French? Like those queers at Starbucks? When you go there and
the guy hands you your venti be sure to take it from him before his wrist
gives out.

MrArpeggi says:

Watever haha and nice Hellraiser poster, the movies are amazing!

jorjor619 says:

what ever lol

christheferal says:


sevenvt says:

its not freezerdried coffee, its just regular ground coffee. though
flavored coffee is crap.

russelmcdussel says:


bluesgurugod says:

@ChocolatePoop1301 Tassimo is for faggots. K-cups all the way!

Benjamin Peterson says:

PS. what is that poster above and to the right of the computer? It looks
like it says Eviloprah.

Fretkillr says:

Never argue with a moron. You do not need to spend $75 – 140 to make the
best cup of coffee which this doesn’t do. I urge anyone who is tempted to
purchase one to please do online searches on single cup coffee makers. True
coffee connoisseurs scoff at these contraptions. You’ll see that I’m not
alone in my opinions. Of course I’m sure Idbmiller will be the first to buy
the automated ass-wiper when it comes out because he’ll save a minute and
comes with pre-measured paper cartridges.


well.. its loud (at start) glad to see your putting up more videos al,
still love the bad jokes x]

1972xlh says:

i hated this machine. gave it 20 days. tasted weird, like plastic even
though i did the priming direction several times, and stores never had
decent selection of kcups. i bought the tassimo by bosch afterwards and
have been very happy.

Craig VanVickle says:

Nice Jason Takes Manhattan poster.

MamaYo69 says:

@anoni81b4u the funny part is Im gay and love mine more then the microwave.

chillywinter16 says:

How do u stop the coffee from coming out to prevent it from over filling

TheWindowsKey says:

doin a stream would that be urs or chris pirrillos

Rdk3000 says:

“Careful…the drink you are about to enjoy is extremely hot.” lol Al that
was good.

dbmeagle says:

Your listening to George Winston!!!!! I love him!!!!!

Kevin Ward says:

my girl friend has that same one it makes a real good cup o joe

Benjamin Peterson says:

I’ve found the coffee to be kind of watery. What I do is brew it twice on
the smallest quantity setting. Whateva’ ๐Ÿ™‚ Love ya, Al.

bluesgurugod says:

@Fretkillr what the hell do you know about anything! I’m a coffaholic and I
love my Keurig K-cup coffee cream dream machine thingamabob. I don’t care
about anything else. I’m just gonna drink coffee all day and play guitar
all night. Then I’m gonna drink whiskey and sing some 70s songs for
youtube. Fretkillr… why don’t you find something better to do with your
time? You need a fucking hobby -snobby ๐Ÿ˜‰

randomsvideolibrary says:

Nothing better than bad jokes and badass coffee, eh Alfred? Haha peace.

TheNilvarg says:

Am I the only person left in the modern world who does not drink coffee?

demyrik says:

Another great review ๐Ÿ˜€

Jeff Jones says:

lmao first coffee pot review ive seen, and a good one at that.

kwg2005 says:

I love the old videos, old home movies from the 90s. I would love to see a
compilation of those. It’s fun to see the old time but the technology then
was normal then. So it’s like we laugh about the old computers and stuff,
but it was state of the art at the time. It’s amazing to see how far we’ve

MamaYo69 says:

screw the mug REAL men brew the shit right into their mouth!

universalrocker1024 says:

sounds like some 1 is doing a stream lol

Henry Wadsworth says:

I swear on everything i own, i literally just bought this coffee machine
about an hour before i saw this video.

Gizmondo23 says:

How very random

Minimum91 says:

Whoa, great machine ๐Ÿ™‚ I was born in ’91 and I love that music playing in
the background.


Not much of a computer room when you have higher end products that you’ve
posted up on youtube.

Mister Argenr says:

Hmm, servers and coffee. too bad that i’m one year too young to get a job
legally and i don’t live in florida, that sounds like my kinda job.

Gerard Reijman says:

Nice name of the coffee maker, Keurig means neat or elegant in Dutch.

Fretkillr says:

@ldbmiller You must own stock in the company to post such a weak argument
in favor of this overpriced water heater which requires you buy plastic K-
cups. . Nothing beats fresh ground whole bean coffee BTW the best coffee
houses in the world employ a reusable French press.

Stone Van Slooten says:

@gwreijman perfect

lamelama22 says:

That’s kinda the point… it’s a joke, sarcasm detection ftw! Also, he does
reviews like this specifically to illict responses/comments like yours so
he can make fun of them on his ustream. Now that you get the joke, you can
join in the fun (if you so wish)! ๐Ÿ™‚

ldbmiller says:

Firstly, let me reiterate that you do NOT require the use of plastic K
cups…the machines are equipped to be also used, should you desire, a
reusable paperless filter, with which you CAN use fresh ground whole bean
coffee. Imagine that. Secondly, I actually use a bodum, thirdly I don’t
have stock I just felt the need to point out that your argument was

tylerlavite says:

i have this!!!

Rich Lux says:

what eve

ldbmiller says:

Consider the advantage of consuming only enough energy to heat 1C of water,
using the paperless, reusable “My K cup” with your own coffee, & being able
to make different flavours for each cup. You don’t waste coffee sitting in
the bottom of a pot, it takes 2 mins to make coffee, and there are models
that start at $75, plus makes a damn good cup of coffee. All those factors
justify a little expense and less impact on the environment than your use
of a paper filter every time!

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