Review: Hamilton Beach FlexBrew Single Serve Coffeemaker

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WHERE to BUY Hamilton Beach FlexBrew Hamilton Beach FlexBrew Single Serve Coffeemaker – exclusive review …


Igor Del Norte says:

Review: Hamilton Beach FlexBrew Single Serve Coffeemaker exclusive review
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Jorge Torres says:

Yes i’m still upset set so i decided to get to the bottom of two issues
with this machine, the mess and the coffee grinds ending up in my coffee (i
had a third doubt about the locking mechanism), yes I’m a thinker hence my
name curious george.. The locking mechanism where you push down every time,
i looked at the configuration/design for several days and even the pressure
of pulling out the k cup holder to see if the push down actually did
anything…. It does nothing, no latch that actually locks/latches or rings
that push up against anything to lock anything… I will call HB to speak
to an engineer (seriously, i’m not doing anything today but get my wife
another coffee maker but i always like to know why things work or don’t
work), The issue with the spills and coffee grinds in my coffee i had to
figured it out, the pressure at the end causes vapor and i took pics after
the mess with the cup removed and the BACK of the holder has a little hole
on top, i can actually see grinds coming up to that hole (yes i used no
more than 10oz) and a line actually coming down so that shows my back mess,
as for the front seems the pressure sometimes shoots out the front, but at
least i figured out the grinds in my coffee and mess in the back of the k
cup holder. How many thousands of people are pushing down on the mechanism
they say you MUST do , waste of energy and time.. If anyone says I’m
wasting energy and time calling HB, well not really, I’m making things
better for HB and I so they can design a better one!

Draco Knights says:

Your statement why you lock it down is incorrect. The reason you lock it
is to puncture the top hole in the kcup there is a puncture hole piece in
the top of the machine. At least that is how my flex brew is designed 

Clifford Krimmel says:

Warning, you can not use all “K”cups including Keurig, type.

Jorge Torres says:

My NEW machine ALWAYS makes a mess every single time!!! Pressure buildup at
end of brewing forces pressure/vapor out the top of the k cup holder and
all over!!! extremely upset i threw the box away and wanted to know my
options to return… i do not recommend this machine as during brewing, I’m
using DD bag coffee and seems like mesh filter holes might be too course as
every single cup of coffee ends up also with grains all over the inside of
my cup, again EVERY SINGLE TIME!! 

Aromacup - Single Serve Coffee says:

For your safety – Nope :). Enjoy your cup,

Dex Caliber says:

good review, i actually bought one of these as my first k cup machine, and
to let you know, mine came with a separate basket for putting in loose
ground coffee, that was removable from the main tray. I have used it that
way, due to I bought the wrong cups for the k cup adapter. and it brewed up
a very nice cup of coffee.

youcantcme2 says:

Keurig created a monopoly that’s all I see in houses now

Aromacup - Single Serve Coffee says:

We did talked about this issue in our video. So I would try different
type/brand of K-Cups. Enjoy your cup,

Cynthia Read says:

Am thinking about picking one of these up for travel, but I only drink iced
coffee. Is this machine ok for that? With my Platinum I use the 6 oz

Aromacup - Single Serve Coffee says:

Hope it will work for you! 🙂 Enjoy your cup,

Aromacup - Single Serve Coffee says:

Single serve market keep growing and Keurig just a leader as of today. But
here’s a lot of choices. Enjoy your cup,

Kick the Lyrium says:

Thanks for the review, Brian! I’m going to try this one out because this is
around half the price of a regular Keurig machine.

Aromacup - Single Serve Coffee says:

I would not recommend it :). Take a look Cafejo My French-Press instead. I
think for travel it will be a lot better. Enjoy your cup,

sterlingman says:

Can you brew a cup without first pressing down the safety thing.

Aromacup - Single Serve Coffee says:

Glad you like it. Enjoy your cup,

Igor Del Norte says:

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