Review: Hamilton Beach Flex Brew Coffee Maker | Pros & Cons

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-Please Subscribe so you don’t miss any of my videos & Tap the bell icon to be notified when I upload!- In this video I am reviewing my Hamilton Beach Flex Brew coffee maker. I have previously been a Keurig owner for the past almost ten years, until now. Find out what I think…


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Heather DeFehr says:

It’s slower to brew on bold feature because it sits in the hot coffee for a min. If you do it on regular it should be comparable.

Captain Slappywacks says:

Yeah 2 years does seem to be about the average for me and everyone I know with a Kuerig. Mine worked great for about that long but when it finally went there was no fixing it. Tried everything. I'm wanting to go back to a regular coffee maker now and I like the options on this one. Thanks for the review.

Wendy Lou says:

So glad I found this review. It's $59 at Sam's today.

Jack McDonald says:

I just received this model 49976 as a replacement after having issues with model 49983. Not sure if it is bad luck, but every k-cup I have tried to make 1 cup of coffee has blew the seal on the k-cup and made a really nice mess of grounds in my coffee cup and all over the top of the microwave. I have contacted HB and they instructed me to only use Green Mountain or Great Value k-cups. So after purchasing these I got the same result. I am still working with them.

Kemikyja4 Star says:

Nice machine! I heat up my creamer for 30-35 seconds I have done this for years. Whatever machine you use heating up your creamer is a game changer.

Christina Mayes says:

We have this coffee maker and LOVE it!! 🙂

Andrea Garza says:

I swear she has the perfect voice to make commercial or radio host!!!!

Perpetual Mommy says:

Do you have to add the water for the single cup brew every time in order to designate the size coffee to be made (for example, with the Keirig I can choose 4 oz, 6 oz, 8 oz, 10 oz, or 12 oz). I have been using a Keirig for ~12 years, and I agree the pump hoes out approximately every 2 years.

karen jones says:

something i found with keurig in order to get a hot cup of coffee, run the first cup w/o the k cup, just let it make hot-ish water. the next cup will be hotter. thanks for sharing, leeanne – when the time comes, i will be looking into this one. ~k

Julie Anne Price says:

Yeah, thinking 2 years is a good time for a daily "overused" lol coffee maker. This came at a good time because I was looking at this one. Chose a cheap 12 cup maker til black Friday last month

Marley says:

I’ve had my eye on this for a while now! My only question is does the glass carafe keep the coffee hot? I usually make a pot when I wake up and refill my cup throughout my morning with the stainless steel coffee maker I have now but I love the idea of having a single serve and full carafe option.

jennifer izett says:

Yup my Keurig only last about 2 years too. I still have one and when I want a large cup of coffee I brew the 10oz and then use the same K cup and I brew for another 4 to 6 oz . It tastes great. I'm the only one who drinks coffee in my house so I don't need a pot but I like the idea of a hotter cup of coffee since I typically bring it with me to work. Thanks for the video!

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