Reason why i love this Hamilton Beach coffee maker (Two Way Brewer coffee machine).

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I am in Love with this Hamilton Beach Coffee Maker: Why You Must Have the Hamilton Beach Two Way Brewer If you like coffee for a pick …


D Rob says:

you have the infomercial for the wrong machine. the 2 way brewer and the 2
way flex brew are mirrored images of each other as far as the carafe and
cup. as well as the fact the 2 way brewer doesn’t do k cups and comes with
the filter/ scoop which isnt included in full size for the carafe the
instructions recommend you use paper filters

Michele Winter says:

That was the strangest video I have ever seen. One moment we are watching a
regular guy unboxing his new coggee maker that the next thing is basically
a commercial pops up. Im really smh on this one. 

Jarby Villegas Mera says:

sasue11(.)org/SnapShots/F290U4GERSE LOOL omfg wtf.

yaquidiaz says:

How is this holding up so far? Some pros and cons please.

drussellpix says:

I just bought one from Bed Bath and Beyond. Every store seems to be sold
out of this product, so I bought the display unit. I came across this video
while looking for the manual.

To all the stores pushing the expensive Keurig brewers: nice try. I like to
grind coffee beans just before brewing my coffee and think it is much more
cost effective than having to buy those K Cups. 

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