Quick Look at the Mr. Coffee Espresso/ Cappuccino Maker

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Can an $80 espresso maker sway Will’s famed coffee snobbery? Surprises abound.


Colin McCafferty says:

I made a mighty kek.

shaolintiger1 says:

Wow this guys a total douche bag. I feel sorry for the asian dude.

Jason Michael Griffin says:

Home lever coffee machines don’t, by and large, “hit you in the jaw and
knock all your teeth out” if you let go of the lever. Only spring driven
models do this and they are dramatically less popular than the longest
selling model (the La Pavoni Europiccola).

Ben Wilson says:

I thought the exact same thing

Mark M. says:

I agree, he also needs to learn how to grind coffee. I have a “Blade”
grinder and can get coffee so fine (if wanted) you could use it for powder.
It does not need to shake like making a martini, again fools who think big
money always gets you the best. Not always true.

cyberwaist says:

Dudes .. its just F@uckin coffee … this channel is called “tested”… the
dude is a coffee nerd… and he “tested” a machine for coffee nerds… what
else do you want??? give the guy a break….

Kiana M says:


dominic cristante says:

What fucking nerds. So picky 

indgiu says:

two words: moka pot

LadyLollidella says:

why does the fat white guy keep mentioning starbucks? is he trying to get
paid by them?

Jeremy Kean says:


the4thj says:

Thanks for the ratting video, my Krups Coffee/Espresso machine just died
after 4 years of service. Need some ideas on what to buy this video helps.

Jerk Derkin says:

also, take that goddamn panarello off, it’s not doing anything for your
foam/texturing process! Not to spam, but I’ve got beautiful shots out of
this little monster of a machine, vids on my channel!

Iamranwulf says:

What a dick.

jbbification says:

To negative. Why do a video on it if you keep putting it down.

tiffany bastian says:

Starbucks puts a lot of syrup and stuff in their coffee because they don’t
time the espresso, meaning they know their espresso isn’t good. So
therefore they aren’t even the best cup of espresso around.

edisantiago1987 says:

*presses play* *five seconds pass* *immediately closes tab* Dick.

Jeremy Doniger says:

One word – Hipster.

Jerk Derkin says:

This is a 51mm portafilter… why wouldn’t the 48mm tamper fit? I think he
meant 58mm… standard for Rancillio etc

Dane Bjornrud says:

Kato, are you a pervert?

VDODSON100 says:

Good to see my boy Wang is still working, keep it up mate.


did the one guy forget how a cup works towards the end? lol

Caleb Horton says:

53 and 48 mm tampers for the Silvia??

finnandgina says:

No. It’s called a belgian dip.

makeupbyaliii says:

dude u suck

Casey Guevara says:

dude, you’re a douchebag. please stop doing reviews/demos on anything less
than $500 because you clearly disapprove of cheaper alternatives.
OBVIOUSLY, a substantially cheaper espresso maker isn’t going to make an
espresso as well as one that’s equipped with all the bells and whistles
you’re so very used to. so your comparisons are pointless and a waste of
time. we’re just trying to see if this gets us more bang for our buck,
buddy. keep that in mind for future videos.

Casey Guevara says:

sounds like someone has a small dick and puts women down about simply
expressing their discontent with a person’s pretentiousness just to feel

Mr. Evolution says:

You are pretty knowledgeable and you did and awesome job leaving no details
out of the review but your constant condescending tone and pretentious
attitude made it hard to trust your overall opinion of the machine.

16pricej says:


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