Quick Look at the Able Disk for Aeropress Coffee Maker

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Will tests a metal coffee filter, because paper filters are so 2010.


Basco Selanikio says:

So which side up?

Mok214 says:

No creme` with this method, so don’t expect the rich flavor you normally
get with the Aeropress.

Jay H says:

Just got mine today, both fine and standard for the combined total of $20
including free USPS shipping. I tested the “fine” filter, which I was
drinking when I typed this, and it tasted great. I let the coffee sit with
the water inverted for about 2-3 minutes and then pressed all the water/air
out, because I like strong coffee and it tastes great. I put the writing
facing the plastic filter holes and also, I just set the disc on top of the
aeropress opening, then put the plastic filter device on top and twisted in
place. I also used this coffee:
which I am not really a fan of dark roasted coffee usually, but i love this
stuff, also love “Seattle’s Best” #1 and #2. I have to admit that their
pretty thin and it seems you have to handle them carefully, because I
believe if they got bent, they would retain that bend and never work the
same again, however, that shouldn’t be a problem if you are careful. I am
still 100% glad I bought them and I don’t believe it should deter you from
buying them, unless you’re clumsy and known to break things and if you are,
pouring boiling hot water into an inverted aeropress is probably more of an
issue than bending a metal disk.

Kevin Dalley says:

The filter manufacturer says place writing away from the holes.

In defense of hotter water, the Aeropress itself absorbs heat, unless you
preheat it. The coffee grounds are also cooler.

khad187 says:

Only bad thing about metal filters is they don’t absorb cafestol, a
chemical in coffee that causes your body to produce more cholesterol.

Kyle Spradling says:

he’s using the inverted method.

mellabossiere says:

i like the coffee vids

Rony Sheer says:

Are you sure that’s the side the writing should face. I think the
instructions said otherwise.

Mekratrig says:

Didn’t stir the coffee & water, what’s up with that? Plus, I thought
testing showed people liked it better when water was @ 180 degrees? And why
stop when air is heard? You don’t want to compress the puck, get the last
drops of coffee out?

finderfinder100 says:

I am thinking this wouldn’t work with a paper cup. I could see the cup
crumpling as he trying to plunge the coffee.

Poizon2K8 says:

Aha! he tricked you, though (and i’m sure, many others) The cup he uses in
this is a ceramic cup made to look like a take-out coffee cup 😛

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