Presso Coffee Maker

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The Multi Award-Winning non-electric Presso coffee maker is perfect for all coffee lovers wanting to produce a quality Espresso, Americano, Cappuccino and La…


MegaMo says:

because its stop motion I’m guessing you didn’t really press hard enough.
Nice video anyway, thanks.

Harry Moorehead says:

how many grams of coffee can the portafilter hold? Does the latest ROK
offer all parts replacements under their 10 Year Guarantee?

korven72 says:

@Eletromanisme One of the worlds first espresso machine makers La Pavoni
also uses right to left locking 😉

Jim Pannell says:

Super cool video. Definitely want to get a Presso now after seeing this!
How did you film it anyway?

Eletromanisme says:

Right to left locking group head? something is seriously wrong with the

TheCellarat says:

This machine has a plastic shower so its very hard to get a good crema.

Benjamin Taag says:

Günstig geshen auf w w w .

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