Philips Saeco Xelsis Espresso Machine Overview

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This video overviews the Philips Saeco superautomatic espresso machine.


Espressotec says:

+Ajay Turilay Pretty sure error 14 is a temperature sensor failure, if the
problem reappears after a reset then it would need to be taken to an
authorized Philips Saeco repair facility for repair as it is too difficult
to do at home.

Ajay Turilay says:

Hi. Is there any way Error 14 can be resolved. My machine won’t heat up and
will throw this error after it gives up heating. How can I fix this plz.

Espressotec says:

Unfortunately, you cannot have the machine prepare your drink at a certain
time. Luckily the machine only takes under 90 seconds to heat up and then
you can prepare your beverage. Hopefully that feature and as well with
bring the drink to you will be available in the near future.

thosemiller says:

Wow, thanks for the reply. Truly exceptional. Thanks, was hoping for 16 oz.
One more…Are there any major differences with the finger print reader
model. Any thoughts on the miele version in comparison to this model.

Grace Schneider says:

my xelsis shows e14 restart to fix–did –doesn’t–replaced the number 1
boiler–still shows same error code and wont show it heating up. Husband
used to fix my gaggia all the time–mech engineer mech inclined–is there a
reset we need to do to get the system to work again?

Espressotec says:

We love this machine and use it as our Philips Saeco superautomatic demo
machine. Thanks for checking out the video!

hello23lee says:

this is an amazing video and shows lots of information about the great

Espressotec says:

It depends on the drink selected. After reading your comment we tested the
Xelsis with all settings on medium and found that the max output was:
Espresso Loungo – 235 mL / 8 oz American Coffee – 360 mL / 12 oz.

donjohnstonyu says:

Can you have it automatically make coffee at a particular time of the day?

Espressotec says:

Hey Grace Schneider, I would test voltage on the element to see if it has
power. I would also recommend checking the two thermostats on the boiler.
One thermostat has a push-in reset which won’t let the element heat if it
is tripped. Push-in the resettable thermostat and also test the continuity
of both thermostats to ensure they are passing current.

Paul Dve says:

The only thing is after milk is dispensed you would need to clean it of the
front of machine.

Espressotec says:

If a taller cup was used then the amount of splashing would be reduced but
in most cases a quick wipe is needed.

Espressotec says:

Thank you for the kind words. We didn’t try the milk drinks yesterday but I
would also think that they won’t reach 16 oz. A suggestion would be to make
two 8 oz drinks back-to-back. As far as I think, there isn’t any extra
feature with the finger print reader model besides the finger print
scanner. The Miele machines are provide espresso and style but personally
recommend units that aren’t built-in since it allows you to change
positions and reduce the costs of any repairs.

thosemiller says:

what is the max drink size in oz?

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