Oster Coffee Maker Review 12-cup with Reuseable Filter Model BVST-RDXSS43

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Thinking about buying a Oster Coffee Maker? This is the best live Oster Coffeemaker Stainless steel, 12-cup decanter with Reuseable filter (Model BVST-RDXSS4…


toddpress says:

LOL! Thanks for the comment, made me laugh. Yes, it makes hot water for
those of us that can’t boil water on the stove. What about my other videos,
anything insight you can add to those? Just saying ….

killerROCK38 says:

now i know which coffee maker to get.

XRay2014 says:

I just purchased this product and it is the best coffee maker i ever owned
. I could not find anything bad about this maker

goo goo go says:

All they did was make hot water. I can do that with my microwave

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