Nespresso Inissia Exclusive Review

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Nespresso Inissia Single Serve Espresso Maker – exclusive review by WHERE to BUY: …


Coffee Maker Reviews - says:

Check out our exclusive Nespresso Inissia Exclusive Review – #coffee #Nespresso #Espresso #CoffeeMaker

TraumaER says:

Please answer this question.

What kind of mug is that and where can I get it? I like how it has a large
space between outer glass and inner area where coffee goes. Thanks!

Joseph Creed says:

aaaand you skipped the brewing process. 

stevemcgee99 says:

1:23 he starts talking about the machine.
2:20 one issue, sticking handle
3:38 180 degrees brew
5:10 – $99 price

do fra says:

Contrary to what he states in this video the machine makes a cup of coffee.

The difference between an “Americana” and a cup of coffee is simply this:
Americana= espresso shot + boiling water.
Cup of Coffee= press the larger cup button allowing the water to continue
through the capsule to reach a normal cup level.
The Nespresso machines make either an espresso shot, a cup of coffee or an

hardtechnoboy says:

I have a two-year old Essenza, how does this compare to it? It looks like
it can hold a bigger shot-glass underneath.

John Somers says:

What is the height of the dispenser from the worktop? I have some 6″ latte
macchiato glasses and want to find out if they’ll fit. 

Lóri Szalontai says:

Sorry for off-topic but anyone knows what music plays in the background?

ponchopitt says:

i’m not sure but i feel that the coffee is more liquid in the machine
“Inissia” than on the other machines!.what do you think about it? and
thank you for your attention!

Gigmuso No1 says:

DON’T BUY THIS PIECE OF S….! It will break down, and God help you with
their customer service! They are incompetent, dismissive, rude,
uninterested, lying, not keeping their promises, will do everything to
avoid their obligations! Forget your $100 back promotion- you’ll never get
it! The coffee is sour, expensive, and you have no choice of changing it! A
$60 machine from Woolworths makes 10x better coffee, offers you various
coffee types, which are much cheaper!

Hannah Chung says:

If I wasn’t as sensitive about the budget, would you recommend a pixie or
an inissia? What would you say the main difference is between the two,
besides the price? Thanks for your help!

Kristi Elston says:

thoughts on this verses the U – I cannot find comparisons between the two?
Since the U is on sale right now at the same price… 

Steve Berde says:

I purchased Hi Line capsules based on your recommendation. I didn’t care
for them at all. They lacked the full bodied flavor aroma and taste the
orignal Nespresso capsules offer. And, they’re not all that much cheaper –
plus Nespresso does pay shipping as I always buy 200 or more capsules and
receive overnight delivery at no charge.

T. Wu says:

When first powering it up in the morning after it has gone to sleep
overnight, how long is the wait for when it is ready to brew the first

Barb Guinan says:

Exactly what I was looking for…since I have a Keurig machine, I wanted
something easy to use for espresso and I think this will be perfect!
Thanks for the review. I went and purchased it from Amazon.

lylynaly says:

could you pls do a comparison btw nespresso u and inissia?

RakanWD says:

Adorable machine :)

Coffee Maker Reviews - says:

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