Nescafe Dolce Gusto Coffee Maker

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Review of the Nescafe Dolce Gusto Coffee maker. It is a professional grade, coffee maker, cappucino maker, etc. It is simple to use, virtually no clean up an…


Jan Grüner says:

Great video, thanks 😀

Kate P says:

@JulioGarou some people just don’t have the time. why are you trying to
argue over a coffee machine? LOL.

Erika Bradford says:

This looks so good! Thanks for the review!

Julio Cesar Varella Hernandez says:

Highly expensive machine to so little job. Completelly unecessary. It would
be good if you could use the coffee for this machine without the machine
itself, Or even better, learn how to make a decent coffee.

Wee Al's Wheels says:

These machines are a joke !! just buy nescafe sachets, they are exactly the
same, you just ad boiling water !! No need for this contraption !!

kevin alan santillan landeros says:

how do you know when to stop it?

Wee Al's Wheels says:

Pardon ?

alvaro39038 says:

Look at the facial expressions, from 2:00 to 2:30 she does not like coffee

Julio Cesar Varella Hernandez says:

@katty81690 That’s no escuse.

ReneeJRoss says:

Glad you enjoyed it!

dancelicious74 says:

sorry but nescafe sachets don’t even come close to the taste of pure coffee
when comparing with coffee from a dolce gusto…I am a big coffee
lover,very picky too and the dolce gusto makes absolutely delicious
coffee…The sachets contain far less ground bean coffee and thus taste not
as good in my humble opinion… 🙂

Julio Cesar Varella Hernandez says:

@katty81690 I have the time, AND the coffee. You too, i guess.

Richard Joash Tan says:

and you are a bullshit

PortavogieChristian says:

Ordered one and it should be here tomorrow. Really excited about getting it
as I love coffee products (especially Espresso and Latte). And I will be
able to make my friends some great coffee when they come round!

Wee Al's Wheels says:

Sorry if i caused offence by my comment about these machines being “not
very good”, it’s just not my cup of tea ! I prefer the traditional method,
not really a fan of “capsules” Cheers

MsSassyMT says:

Seems quick enough but I think it would be too expensive for the coffee
drinkers in our house. We easily drink 5-6 cups a day between the 2 of us.
Neat little machine though.

KingDavidANC says:

@chris12mty It’s all preference.

Richard Joash Tan says:

sorry, I saw those machines in my country and it’s ingenious.

Kate P says:

@JulioGarou well, it’s ideal for people who live by themselves, with other
people who don’t like coffee, or the office.

luvsprestonchloe says:

Thanks for the vid. You are adorable by the way.. 🙂

Julio Cesar Varella Hernandez says:

@katty81690 Broken Keyboard, auto corrector to portuguese and a simultaneus
University Excercise. Still, that’s even less of a excuse. Nothing is
easier and more rewarding than doing your own coffee drink. And you don’t
need 2 persons to do it.

Kate P says:

@JulioGarou what’s an excuse for your horrid spelling, though?

Harry Marshall says:

I’m curious about this machine. The fact that its nescafe (only really
known for instant coffee) puts me off. Is the coffee a really decent
quality? Like you’d get from a proper cafe? By the way Dolce is pronounced
“dol-chay” the ‘c’ in italian is pronounced “ch”. Think “Versace”. Thanks
for sharing 🙂

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