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This NesCafe coffee maker gives you coffee just as strong as from the coffee shop. NesCafe’s Dolce Gusto- uses small …


John Ramos says:

I’m glad you found something new…IndoorSmokers / Tokers is/was getting
really stale! Hahaha! Highly technical, “well, I guess you just lift up the
thing” on the penguin and stick it in! All that history or is that
Philosophy and it all comes down to this?

Another way to get FREE STUFF! You got it figured out! Are we going to see
more vids of you picking up appliances now? You’re UPS store is going to be
REALLY BUSY, maybe someday you can get a warehouse for FREE STUFF!

Rizwan Murtaza says:


john doe says:

you almost poked my eye out with that thing lolol looks interesting!

T. Price says:


Brooklyn Hudson says:

It looks like a penguin! 

Camps2630 says:

Guess we’re alike, Chris. I drink more coffee than I do
juice/water/kool-aid ect.

Danny McAuley says:

you will love the coffee. do not tray the milk .get the milk from the shop
. buy Milk Frother you will love it

Christmas Crazy says:

The cream is in the white capsule lol

Charles Deens says:

Just curious. How tall are you? You’re crouching in these videos, which
looks like you’re just trying to fit in the frame. I’m assuming you’re
about 6’3″.

theman7431 says:

Can you do a review on MAX Secure – As Seen on TV?

dmob420 says:

the price is right but i don’t like that it doesn’t offer different sizes.
how do you know if ur not adding too much water and water down the flavor
of ur beverage? i’ll stick with my keurig. Another great review.

EpicReviewGuys says:

Coffee shop strength coffee in just one minute. The NesCafe Dolce Gusto
uses coffee “capsules” to brew great coffee.

Kobe Taborsky says:


plum413 says:

Well done 

Kobe Taborsky says:


rexx Coreas says:

Do a review for a expresso espresso idk how u spell it but do a review 

Khoi Nguyen says:

Dose this make hot chocolate cuz I don’t coffee.

Co⊙zEb○Yz says:

“Yeah, im excited!” Hahaha! Really though?

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