My New Keurig Coffee Maker – My Review

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Keurig B60 Special Edition Gourmet Single-Cup Home-Brewing System Making my very first cup of coffee in my Keurig Single Cup Coffee Mak…


billybassman21 says:

Thanks for the info about Brad’s deals! I just ordered this for my parents
for Christmas from Kohls for $121. Most places are at least $150.

Stratophony says:

indeed its not a machine that’s practical for everybody…. but *it DOES*improve the quality of A CUP of coffee tenfold (compared to a regular old
coffee machine).

K-cups are expensive… but if you double up on kcups (i do a lot of times)
they’re coming to a dollar per cup…. now compare that to Starbucks (4-5
dollars per cup & terrible coffee) and even 711 (with better coffee than
starbucks but still paying a couple bucks for it).

Some people just dont need 4-slot toasters; just like some wont need single
cup coffee machines.

Hanissah Marshall says:

Sorry to hear lol its great for guest still and dont forget tea an hot
chocolate hey

averagejoe511 says:

I find it such a rip off. It makes one cup of coffee at a time. They are
expensive to get those damn k cups. Call me blue collar but I will stick to
my 8 cup of coffee black and decker machine. 

Hanissah Marshall says:

My brother love his machine an the refill cup so he can use his folgers
instant coffee when he run out of k cups great machine to have an walmart
always have them k cups on sale 

The Chawman Channel says:

Indeed. I don’t think it’s too bad, especially if you take the time to
search out some good deals. I use Amazon a lot. Better than $1.75 at
Starbucks or, as I call it, Charbucks. 😉

Why are we here? says:

You have more of a will ferril kenny vs spenny sense of comedy,

The Chawman Channel says:

I agree with you!

Gerald Dimmit says:

Thanks for the information

The Chawman Channel says:

It was pretty good. There was a Nantucket Blend that I really liked.

The Chawman Channel says:


Stratboy999 says:

Decaff…..the spit of Satan….lol!

Gerald Dimmit says:

Can you maybe refill the plastic cup with your own coffee? God I hgave
priced those cup things in the store and they are very expensive.

007bombastic says:

Correction, two minutes to get on with it.

Chris collins says:

Jeff Daniels?

007bombastic says:

It took you a minute to get on with it, hurry the fuck up.

The Chawman Channel says:

You can indeed. I added the link to the description for you. 😉

Daniel Sidwell says:

it averages like 50 cents a cup

Cody Weinmann says:

Coffee! LOL. I would love one of these. Have you tried the Emeral’s coffee?
How was it?

The Chawman Channel says:

Good coffee is my passion 😉

talk with tom says:

I saw draw backs to this model it stays at 187 degrees as opposed to the
platinum b76 the cinnamon color I the elite 2 cup size model the same way
the platinum models go up to 192 degrees vue pack 197 degrees this model is
3 cup sizes special edition

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