My Homemade Vacuum Coffee Maker

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Produced with CyberLink PowerDirector 11.


Peter Bury says:

Why the hell are we making Meth??´╗┐

BlackPaw says:

what do you have on the other side of the apparatus? what is that thing in
the beaker?´╗┐

abcarpenter8 says:

how does the rubber band affect the flavor? is that a good way to filter?
have you had any other ideas to filter?

TheScorpionTube says:

these things you can find in any chemistry store… its alla about assembly
this coffee maker… its 100% hand made… Even the glass tube it was
straight and with a propane torch i manage to bend it like this…

Israel Madden says:

The glass tubes make it look really cool. The music you chose is also
great. Nice job!

AmishWebmaster says:

That looks like something Thomas Edison would have in his laboratory. Are
you sure that’s “homemade?”

kubalone says:

Well done. What is the diameter of your glass pipe?

TheScorpionTube says:

10mm external

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