Mr. Coffee Single Serve Coffee Brewer

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This is a real time demo of the Mr. Coffee Single Serve coffee brewer I got for Christmas. Real time means there is a long(ish) mostly silent section while waiting on the water to heat. Dull,…


Nona Morris says:

@mrpharill it wont let me reply to your comment but, yes if you try to run
more than 10 oz the coffee gets very weak. Some coffees get weak even with
10 oz, and are better with 6 oz. But 10 oz is a pretty big cup, I couldn’t
imagine dining more than that before the coffee got cold anyway.

Shannon Burke says:

where did you get your reusable k-cup Nona?

jy02250883 says:

it takes much while

SilverBiata says:

Phew! Thanks for making this video! I just got mine and was wondering how
to get it up and started! This is my first keurig and I am excited! Brewing
my first cup now as I type this, thanks to you!



What kind of water do you normally use with this brewing system? Tap/fridge
filtered or bottled water? 

Ellie Lagace says:

Does the coffee come out hot enough? I got the same one and if I add milk
it taste like cold coffee. Or even before I add milk I can almost chug it

mrpharill says:

what happens if you use a cup bigger than 10 oz? I assume the kcups or
whatever will simply loose their flavor or something in bigger cups?

John Lillyblad says:

Does it stay on after the cup is filled and make a strange noise? Someone
gave me theirs and I’m not sure if it’s operating properly.

rrt08 says:

How are you liking this unit. Thanks for review.

Nona Morris says:

Demoing the Mr. Coffee Single Serve Coffee Brewer I got for Christmas.

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