Mr. Coffee Maker Unboxing – 12 Cup Programmable

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Mr. Coffee Machine coffee maker 12 Cup Programmable coffee machine unboxing.


Tadya Teripta says:

how to repair Mr. Coffee Machine coffee maker 12 Cup Programmable coffee
machine dude?

Jesse Nuno says:

Sorry, I don’t have children because I’m too busy going on random youtube
video streams… I was searching my high school video “The Take Over” but
ended up onto here…

Jason Coffee says:

@emmabetzig777 that’s great, Let me know how you like it.

Jason Coffee says:

@TheF2TheInnian I announced the winner a few weeks ago via

Jason Coffee says:

@DanielleiMarie both, just depends.

Kris Suko says:

Ok this is annoying I’m trying to figure out how to set up the timer thing
to auto brew at a time of my choosing. Can’t find my user manual or
anything online for some reason. Sigh. Help?

JennyBMoon says:

Hey Jason! I notice you’ve been doing a lot of unboxing. Are you getting
these products from the companies for reviews? It’s so cute how your kids
love coffee. Do you have to cut them off at the end of the day? 🙂

Jason Coffee says:


Jason Coffee says:

I once grabbed a box cutter when I was 1 1/2 and tore up my parent leather
couch. Oops. – jc

xxdjcharlierockxx says:

haha i came for the same reason.. >< mannnnnnnnnnnnn gotta laugh though

Tamara Laird says:

Americans make a big deal of children drinking coffee– Like you’re not
suppose to start till your 16! Thats crazy!

bassyguitar says:

Lmfao no one noticed the left open box cutter that would be fun to play
with as a child lol ?

Jason Coffee says:

@GZxModzz nice! Do you Add anything to it?

Tamara Laird says:

I got it for 9.97 at walmart on black friday

Chris DiNova says:

Great..came online to try and find out where the filter disc goes in the
machine and the reviewer basically used it as a tiny Frisbee :-). Although,
I did notice that the coffee basket had a piece that went on top of the
basket which was not included in the box with my coffee maker..I believe
that is where it would go and I am missing that piece so I guess I got my

lunaplayera says:

After a cleaning of my ftx41, the water spills all over the counter. I
think it has to be the valve or the part for the pause and serve, because
there is an actuator (looks like a small shovel) that stays in the back of
the carafe when I put in the warm plate, instead over the carafe’s lid. I
think it’s any kind of part missing that I don’t find anywhere, maybe a
spring or rubber. Would you help me in that. The water spills all over but
do not go into the carafe.

Jason Coffee says:

what do you mean?

Jason Coffee says:

@jafornal haha, that’s great! I am determined to have kids that love black
coffee and espresso.

TheF2TheInnian says:

is this give away ever gonna happen, the one with the xbox?

Appliancetechful says:

Good price for a coffee maker with precise gram/oz measurements of the
ground coffee. Various brew options as well as pre-set feature. here is the
link to it in case anyone is interested:amzn.to10Kx14Y

Jason Coffee says:

oic, ya my kids taste coffee but don’t drink it regularly. Though a lot of
the reasons kids don’t are based on myths.

Jason Coffee says:

@hushera cheers!

Jason Coffee says:

@JennyBMoon haha, ya they just get to taste it, no full cups. Ya most of
them are sent to me, some I personally purchase.

Tamara Laird says:

I am Haitian and in Haiti kids drink coffee from 2 and up. and any other
place in Europe its not a big deal.

DanielleiMarie says:

do you buy these coffee makers personally or do companies send them to you?

wheely132 says:

Awesome coffee maker! I use freshly ground coffee ground with our burr
grinder, filtered water and a charcoal filter in my coffee maker! Yep, I
think my coffee is fresh enough!

hushera says:

Awesome 🙂

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