Mr Coffee Latte Maker

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How to make lattes, cafe au laits and hot chocolate. After looking at different options I think it’s superior to other, more expensive machines if you consid…


cjs33139 says:

Thank you Mike for taking time to review this! I was looking to buy one and
appreciate people like you who take time to give us your thoughts on
products like these before committing to purchase one! I am getting one

Dan B says:

finally an actual video on this, thanks. 

DeAngelo Carrera says:

You can use ANY coffee for espresso. It does not matter the roast level, or
anything. Some coffees are just better than others.

bfunkyfresh1 says:

Thank you for a great video….I want one!

B Floyd says:

I think I read that about the skim vs full fat milk in the brochure that
came with it…if not was on Amazon in the product reviews. For me, I use a
high protein skim but add drop of cream. Tried it with the whole milk and
minimal foam but I don’t want all that fat

B Floyd says:

Using SKIM milk produces tons of froth..I don’t care for that much and also
want to use skim milk..I keep a small carton of heavy/whipping cream on
hand and add just a FEW drops of it and that cuts all the froth…Whole
milk produces minimum froth but I don’t want all that fat

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