Mr. Coffee Drip Coffee Maker Fail

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Friends don’t let friends drink coffee from coffee makers like this.


Justin Walker says:

And just brought this on eBay lol oh well 

Fir eti says:

This video is perfect. Why would anybody vote it down? I own one of these
coffee makers and this is the God’s honest truth. It’s really that bad.
Actually my results are typically worse than the results in this video
because I’m not brewing a full pot.

Micscience says:

Look for a clog or loose water hot water arm.

kk1000vid says:

Sloppy design.

Stefan Sigfinnsson says:

How about the temperature? Does it brew between 195 and 205°F and does it
brew at this temperature from the beginning or does it begin to brew maybe
at lower temperature ? How long does the process take and finally how long
does this kind of machine last ? If you are lazy then get yourself a
Technivorm Moccamaster coffee maker or just make manual pour over coffee
which is with proper brewing technique superior to any auto drip.

flexor212000 says:

It’s not “lower” vs “higher” end. It’s Mr Coffee. It’s a flaw in design and
they’ve had it this way for quite a lot of years. I dealt with it for
almost a decade until the thing died. However one thing this shower head to
the side thing really fails at is sometimes it will fill up and over the
side of the filter. The filter will collapse and then you find coffee
mud/grounds in your decanter. Very annoying.

Croozer says:

That is why I use a Technivorm Moccamaster.

magnuswilen says:

Basket-style filters are not very good in general… Cone shaped ones gives
more flavor because the water travels through the coffee powder more evenly
and all the powder will get soaked in water for a longer time, witch means
that more flavor will be absorbed.

PoshPortage says:

@klarinetta thanks for the comment. we haven’t measured the temperature or
brew time yet. we just wanted to display the uneven extraction by this
machine. if you like the pour over you would know that you focus the pour
in the center, while this machine mostly focuses on the outer edge.

Mark Shipman says:

i never knew this many people would be so picky about their coffee maker 😮

rocknrolljen says:

cheapo ones last usually more than one year. If your coffee starts to taste
like crap run some vinegar through it and then do water.

DestinPs says:

thanks for the video, mine was doing the exact same thing and my coffee
suddenly went from tasting wonderful to awful after only having the maker
for 1 month. I’m not sure but I think the sprayhead has a small piece on
the inside that falls off which i(we?) may of accidentally thrown away with
old grounds. I don’t recommend this coffee maker even for budget

HoleHeadedLiar says:

It would be wise, in a case like this, to put another filter on top: it is
not, by any means a perfect solution, but it will help SOME. Otherwise,
just buy a BUNN.

ultramegabob2 says:

Another trick with this machine is if your machine isnt getting all the way
up to temperature, try swinging the shower head over the open tank and let
the coffee machine heat and recirculate the water to pre-heat the water
before swinging the head over the basket.

Conrad Lopez says:

great video….The best part was that you only showed ONE coffee pot too
bad there isn’t a proofing team to actually edit morons like you from
posting crap like this

Croozer says:

@HoleHeadedLiar Bunn is not much better.

hushera says:

Thanks for this useful tips 🙂

Alex Jovel says:


ultramegabob2 says:

I have the exact same coffee maker, it has a valve on the basket that shuts
the dripping off if you pull the pot out before it is done brewing. What I
do is start brewing without the pot in place, that way the water fills the
basket and saturates the grounds after the basket is about 3/4 and the
grounds are fully saturated, I then slide the pot in under the valve and
the coffee then pours into the pot. I hope I explained this so that it
makes sense…

Stefan Sigfinnsson says:

I actually haven’t seen a coffeemaker in my family for at least 10-15
years. Here It’s almost only french press except that I the coffeegeek in
the family brew using lots of different methods. French press,Eva
Solo,Chemex(for guests),Hario V60(for me or me and one other guest),Clever
dripper,Aeropress,Hario syphon and espresso with Rancilio Silvia. I even
have a Turkish Ibrik but I seldom use it.

destuffilator says:

Where’s the fail? Your Mr Coffee performed as it should. (And I’ll wager I
can brew a pot on the stovetop that’ll put your “high-end” whatever to

EpiDemic117 says:

For anyone considering a new coffee maker. I highly recommend saving for a
bunn velocity brew. It does cost more but is cheaper to own and maintain in
the long run. Plus bunn fully supports their stuff with specific parts
under a 3 year warranty. i just got mine yester day. Once you do the
initial setup. you just pour the water through the top part, put the carafe
under neath. and once you close the lid the machine instantly starts
brewing boiling hot water (it has in internal hotwater tank)

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