Mr. Coffee – Coffee Maker Review

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This is a Mr. Coffee Coffee Maker Review of their 12 cup programmable coffee machine.


jinelle bramante says:

thank you! im in the market for my first very own coffee maker (awww) and
this is very helpful! going to college in the fall so if you do see this
could you recommend one? i am considering this one.

pelvis54 says:

saludos pelvis54

Jason Coffee says:

@Yeoh2Jack cheers! c(_)

Jason Coffee says:

@nutier thanks so much, really appreciate that.

Jason Coffee says:

@pelvis54 hey! What’s in your cup this morning?

Jesse Lee says:

i dont like the pot. if you fill it to 12 cups it breaks. the pot is also
flawed on the way you pour. the coffee spills everywhere

Jason Coffee says:

Jason is married with 3 kids.

LAHippieChick says:

Its a cute coffee maker!

Jason Coffee says:

@coffeefusion nice! 😉

19580822 says:

Mine is less than a year old and it leaks water from the bottom. It is the
BVMC-SJX36GTWM, identical to this one. I’ve read that there is an o-ring
below the hole in the bottom of the reservoir that leaks. I haven’t had
time to mess with it yet, but when I do I’ll post again. Meanwhile I’ll use
my 10-cup stainless percolator that we take camping, along with a plug-in
timer. 20 years old and never a problem.

Jason Coffee says:

@NickyChick28 really? is that one of the uses of the bullet? I have one but
just do smoothies in it. 😀

Destini House says:

and even if he was gay i dont see what the problem would be..

coffeefusion says:

Strong brew! that’s how I roll too 🙂

Destini House says:

Ok youre really rude…. just because a man likes coffee doesnt make him
gay. Jason has been very helpful. You looked up the video, you watched it,
dont make snyde remarks like that. Stuck up. !

Destini House says:

Thank you! your demo video really helped me out. I read the directions the
night i recieved it, set it. had the coffee at 8, then the next day i
forgot how and had thrown away the information on it! Thank you again for
posting. Im pleased with my Mr. Coffee set to brew maker 🙂

KitchenandDiningify says:

Great coffeemaker for the price. Very pleased! Has any option needed and
makes great coffee fast. Beeps to let you know it is ready and cutting off
auto. so you know if you want to push the button to keep it hot. It also
lets you adjust the brew etc. works great. No issues at all. here is the
link to it in case anyone is interested: amzn.toZE4r4f

NickyChick28 says:

I grind my coffee in my Magic Bullet 😀

Jason Coffee says:

thank you for the feedback.

Sharon Hamel says:

What am I doing wrong with trying to get a delay brew for 5:30am?? I am
pushing the delay button and set the time for the am but when I get up it’s
not brewed. So I hit the start button for it to brew. However when I shut
if off the delay button comes on??

Gilbert Nutier says:

so cute ! you have really good talent ; thank you for sharing .

Heem24100 says:

Ok this guy is gay

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