Mr Coffee Cafe Latte maker review

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The total time from start to finish is around 5-6 minutes. We read where people said almond milk tasted great with it, let me save you 5 minutes and some cof…


Dan B says:

Hope you morons know that he’s just trolling… Not being serious…

Lisa Tobias says:

Warning!!!!! this person uses the F bomb, if you have kids nearby don’t
play this video.

PurpleSyrup says:

man i cant hardly remember now, I pretty much use milk all the time, you
can add a little half and half to richen it up though, even the fat free

Clint Sexton says:


Bhav341 says:

i think the heat and froth option is if you just want to froth some milk to
pour on top of something. Not sure though. I just got this machine
yesterday, for my birthday. The person who got it for me thought that it
was also an expresso machine, and you can make one or 2 small cups of
expresso with it – but I think it is better to use it as it was intended.

MICAHandMAMA says:

Thanks Jan, seriously I can’t believe I had the audio on for this with
children in the room. At least give us fair warning…

PurpleSyrup says:

it was $100 at bed bath and beyond, if you want it to taste just like star
bucks, use half and half, and put what you would think is too much coffee
in it. Does a great job

Bhav341 says:

all half and half, or just add some half and half to the milk?

Asmara says:

wow.. you are really rude.. to your women, and to your dogs. If I was her..
I’d slap the shit outta you.

asoulgirl says:

I got mine a couple weeks ago and love it. I like almond milk in my coffee,
but I agree in this machine it was awful. Works fine with soy milk though,
just like the soy lattes I buy from Starbucks. For jmyself I make a double
using the 6 T. of ground expresso, and then I just use the single serving
of soy milk, comes out perfect.

Jan Byrd says:

These people have no business making public videos. I came to learn about
the machine and not to hear the 4 letter words. People GROW UP…

PurpleSyrup says:

heat and froth option makes great hot chocolate

Fiaudiodude says:

Nice,Whats the price on that gadget?

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